Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Months until our Disney Vacation!!

This has been a busy week! We had field day at school and, of course, our 5 month Disney countdown gift. This month I got the kids a Disney pencil pouch from the Walmart dollar rack for $1 each. These will be to hold the pressed pennies they make. These pencil pouches have 2 holes punched in them and are made to fit into a binder but my thought is that they will fit nicely into those nice 3 ring binder photo albums you can purchase at Walt Disney World. I'm also hoping that they will fit into the kids pockets so they can carry it themselves. I have bought the pressed penny books at Disney before but they don't fit into the photo album and I don't know which child made which pennies. So, I thought this would solve my problems. I got Perry the Platypus for my son and Tinkerbell fairies for my daughter. We will know who made each set by which pouch they are in for years to come. I had to get Disney Princesses for my 12 year old niece because they didn't have any other characters.

I decided to make this a less expensive purchase month to counteract how much I spent last month. So, my total spent for this months gift is $3! :)

I keep reusing the same white bags with Mickey heads already on them every month. The "5 months" Mickey heads are paint chip samples from Home Depot. The plain white bag is the back of my white bag for Caitlin. I am anxiously awaiting my Dollar Tree to get more white bags in. They still only have yellow and brown right now. I have purchased brown and will make it my bag and give Caitlin the white one if they don't get some in by my next Disney countdown gift day.