About Me...

I am a crazy daisy and I have 3 pokey Joe's. I am a 30 something mother of 2 and wife. I love to read and usually have my Nook with me. I keep myself busy by keeping up with my family, reading, and working as a teachers aide at an elementary school. I am a Disney freak!!


 The Hubs is my pokey Joe #1. He is a football (European soccer) fan and lives for Liverpool!! He tries to keep my craziness in check, but is usually unsuccessful (translation: he is WRONG).

Sleeping, what he does best!

 Xander is pokey Joe #2. He is also a soccer fan. He also loves golf. He is so pokey that he makes me crazy, but so are most teenage boys!!


 Eve is our little pokey Joe. She loves art and loves to talk (what 10 year old girl doesn't?). She is highly opinionated and independent (I love that I'm raising an independent girl) but sometimes it makes me CRAZY!!


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