Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Three

Thursday Three

1.  Confession:  Indiana weather is killing me right now. One week it's 85, then it's 55, now it's back up to the mid-70's. WTH?

2.  Emotion: EXCITED, school is almost out!! We have 7 glorious days left!!

3.  Quote: "Why did your parents let you leave the house with your hair so big, it looked ridiculous. It was a tangled, puffy mess." by Eve, in response to me wanting to pouf up her bangs for her 80's choir concert.

She blinked, she wouldn't wear the leg warmers up, and I couldn't pouf her bangs :(

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Monday, May 19, 2014

How I got off of the Ipsy Waitlist

First let me mention that I'm sorry that I have been gone so long. I took a much needed blog break.

Now for the good stuff. I FINALLY got off of the Ipsy wait list. It has been since February and I was dying to get an Ipsy bag.  When I originally signed up I was wait listed, as I am sure everyone is. I searched the internet to find out how long people were on the list and some were on there a long time. So, I took matters in my own hands and followed Ipsy's directions for getting off of the wait list.

At first I didn't want to because you had to share some stuff on Facebook and I don't think it's anyone's damn business what I do or what I buy so I didn't do it. BUT I sucked it up and did it, now I'm glad I did.

In your Ipsy account there is a section that is called subscription details. Under this there is it says "Skip the Wait," click that!

One of the things that it had me do, which was easy for me was to follow some You Tube boards. I hardly go on You Tube so having videos for me to watch was no big deal. They do send me an email whenever someone posts a video but I just delete the email.

Now for the one I didn't want to do, post some Facebook crap. It wanted me to link my Facebook and then post for me every month when I got my new bag. My way around this was on the bottom of the Facebook pop up there are some "buttons." One of those buttons looks like 2 people, and it says "friends" or "Your Friends." If you click this button you can choose "only me" and this doesn't post on Facebook for anyone to see, just for me to see like it says.

After I did that I was off the wait list. I completed these steps in mid-April and I got my first bag this week. 

This months theme was natural items, including the pretty green and white makeup bag. I got a big sample size Hang Ten sunblock, which will be perfect to carry in my purse this summer. I also got small sample sizes of a Hey Honey take it off mask and Pur-lisse facial moisturizer. I will try the mask soon but the moisturizer I will save for vacation. Next was Balanced Guru No Frizz hair oil, which by itself is $13 and pays for the $10 Ipsy subscription. Lastly was a purple and white eyeshadow duo by Pacifica. (I think I will have to watch one of those You Tube videos to make this eyeshadow look good on me!!)

Sorry if the color is messed up, I edited this pic while sitting outside in the sun :)
I had searched for different beauty boxes and decided that Ipsy would be the best for me and I am not disappointed. At $10 it seems like a bargain. I probably wouldn't have went out and bought this stuff but I am sure I will use it and maybe buy some of it if I like it.

What boxes do you subscribe to? Does anyone get BarkBox?

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