Friday, August 30, 2013

This school year

This school year has been quite disappointing! 

First, I went from teaching 3rd grade to 2nd grade. Second graders are so immature, it feels as if half of my time is spent on discipline and not teaching reading.

I have zero prep time. Last year I had 20 minutes in the afternoon to prep for the next day. This year I have 0. I don't even have any time to make the copies I need or get books and activities ready.

Also, I used to have 4 kids come to me every 45 minutes but now I go into classrooms and the teacher is in charge of what I am doing. Which means a lot of nothing.

One teacher isn't very organized (opposite of me). She has no morning routine and it is making me crazy. Because she has no routine it means that my work gets backed up and I don't like to not be on schedule. I have already had to tell her what I want to do, what children I will work with and when, and I set all of her centers up for her as to what times we rotate.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that it is a learning experience for everyone, so hopefully it will get better. 

Lucky for me I have awesome co-workers. Just the other day, no one said a word to me when I sat in the break room and was eating my grapes. The funny part is that I had grapes with seeds in them (thanks Meijer for the wrong packaging). I was taking a bite of 1/2 of it, then scooping the seeds out with a spoon, and then finishing the rest of the grape. Bless my co-workers because no one said anything!! They are the best :)

Now for a funny thing a student said:
This is more like a story and not what he said. One little boy (2nd grade) told the assistant principal that he was a werewolf. He was dead serious. He said that his dad is the alpha and so is he. Well, he was acting out in class and acting like a werewolf, which was distracting the rest of the class. Because of this he was in the in school detention room. The principal had a meeting to go to and it was time to send the little boy back to class. She went in the room with him and told him (with a completely serious look on her face) "you're going to have to keep that werewolf caged up during school hours." The boy responded with "you're going to put me in a cage?" She said "NO, we are not going to put you in a cage." He replied with "I meant put the wolf in a cage in my head."

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

What kind of blogger are you?

I will apologize to you right now. I am still trying to figure out what kind of blogger I want to be: travel, lifestyle, DIY, etc. I usually post under all categories. I don't think it is winning me many followers but at least I am true to myself.

I also don't tell many people that I know that I am a blogger. The hubs knows and so does a couple friends but that's it. I don't feel as if I can be myself and that I would be questioned with everything I do/say if certain friends and family members read my blog.

If you have any suggestions for me please let me know. Hopefully some day I can stick with one blogging style but for now I guess I am just myself: I love to travel, I love sharing my funny stories with people, and I love DIY projects.

I hope to keep entertaining you day by day.

BTW: I used to put funny things my students say at the bottom of some posts and now that school is back in session, I am hoping to continue this fun "tradition."

Girl (age 7): We have a trampoline, above ground pool and a swing set but we will be getting an in the ground pool with a diving board and slide as soon as we get money or win the lottery. 

Me too, sweet girl, me too!!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OMG this makes me laugh

Here is some of the funny crap that made me laugh the last few days...

Back in the spring (here) I mentioned that a co-worker decorated the employee bathroom. Well, as if the butterfly and flowered decor wasn't enough, someone has decided to add new reading material (besides the Bible that was sitting there). Someone found it fit to add a map!! What on Earth do I need a US map for while visiting the bathroom? Do I need to be able to get to Idaho whilst doing my business? As if that isn't funny enough, the map is the laminated kind. Thank goodness, cuz I'm sure the paper one would attract all the wrong kinds of germs.

While reading on the internet about some True Blood updates (Eric isn't dead, obviously) someone mentioned in the comments about Anna Paquin's gap in between her front teeth. The person said that a gap in the front teeth is sexy in many cultures. Thank God because my gap is huge. Even after 3 years of braces, mine must have felt stifled because came back. I guess even doctors can't correct my sexy!!

Purry, the cat, loves boxes but what cat doesn't, right? We can sit a box anywhere and our cats will find their way in it in less than a minute. The other day I had put the cans of Cokes in the fridge and sat the box next to the trash can. I went back later in the day to remove the rewards points when this little head poked out and looked annoyed that I was disturbing her slumber. 

What random funnies are happening in your life?

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Introducing: Humphrey

For a few years I have told my "roommates" that the next person that brings an animal in our house has to move out and take all of the animals with them except my dog. This started after I got tired of taking care of everyone else's cats, aquariums, hamsters, and hermit crabs. Well, with the recent loss of Emmett that can't ring true any more.

I think Eve found her "out" to that statement because last week she started asking for a Chinese dwarf hamster. Both of my kids have had hamsters before. Here's the deal: I HATE rodents of all kinds!! They are dirty, they stink, every single one we have ever owned was a biter, and they only live a couple of years. The last one we got 2 or 3 years ago had babies a few days after we brought her home!! The pet store wouldn't take the mamma and babies back so we were stuck. Lucky for me, only 1 survived. Xander wanted to keep that one but it must have been unhealthy because he only lived about 6 months.

Even with all of the above problems we let Eve get one. She spent all of her own money to buy everything she needed. We spent the day Saturday going to Walmart (for supplies) and checking out different pet stores to get everything. She ended up spending $47. She got a starter kit cage and the hamster at PetSmart. She found food, water bottle, and bedding for pretty cheap at Walmart. The ball and some treats came from our local pet store (we try to support local stores whenever we can, however, they didn't have Chinese dwarf's).

So, we now welcome to our home, Humphrey (named after the children's books series about a hamster named Humphrey):

Read more about the Humphrey series here!! I recommend it for 3rd-5th graders. It is just about the only books I can get Eve to read.

BTW: I made it out of 2 whole pet stores without a puppy! I just have to hang on until November (after vacation) and I can start shopping.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Dear Friday letters

Dear Friday,
It has been a long week and I am very thankful you are here!

Dear Emmett,
These last few weeks have been lonely without you. We all miss you greeting us at the door and barking at everyone. We found your toy under the couch, thanks for hiding it for us to find later.

Dear August, 
You suck. Please exit immediately.

Dear Disney,
Today marks 60 days until my vacation and I can check in today. I am getting super excited!! Now to work on some awesome gift bags for my kids.

Dear 2nd grade teachers,
You wanted the intervention team set up this way, now you have to live with your decision. Also, I am not in your room to be your slave or copy girl. I am a highly qualified aide, trained by the best, use me for what I am there, for TO TEACH KIDS TO READ! We are 9 days into the school year and I shouldn't have time to blog on my iPad. Your lack of organization is hurting your test scores which will reflect on both of us.

Dear iOS,
Please figure out where my signature went and return it.

Have a good weekend.

Mendy :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday: high school teachers

Today I'm linkin' up with Bonnie for her throwback Thursday. Today's theme is a memory of a high school teacher or a high school class.

One of my favorite teachers in high school provided tons of good memories in a place filled with teenage angst. Hi name is Mr. Childers. He was a history teacher and I had him during my junior and senior years. He was hilarious!! He made learning history (an otherwise boring subject) fun and interesting. I don't think I laughed that much in all of my other classes combined. I have so many funny stories from his class. 

One story I have involved the movie Beethoven (you read that word correctly or I will disown you). Because I am ancient, this movie was popular when I was in high school. In Mr. Childers class we played a fun trivia game, usually with history but sometimes we had a fun day and anything could be the subject. Well, on a random fun day, it was this kid, Jack's, turn to answer the question. Poor Jack, he wasn't the brightest bulb in the package and never did well playing the trivia game, even if it was fun day. Well, the question was about the movie Beethoven. Jack got really excited, he actually knew the answer to this question. He blurted out the answer "Beethoven," only he pronounced it wrong (remember the dim bulb thing?). What he actually said rhymed with TEETH OVEN. Jack was confused, he thought that that was how it was pronounced and didn't know what he said that was funny. Mr. Childers started laughing and couldn't stop. We were all aware of poor Jack's dim bulb problem, even poor Mr. Childers. We thought Mr. Childers was going to pass out he was laughing so hard. Of course, everyone was laughing but he was rolling on the floor laughing. He couldn't stop. I'm sure some people would see this as rude but Mr. Childers just found humor in the things that most teenagers did too. 

One of the things that he did that was fun was the projects that we did. In junior year history (US history maybe), we had to do a project on something that had to do with US history. You could make posters, make a speech, make a video (not everyone had a video camera in their back pockets then), do a fun presentation...the opportunities were unlimited!! My BFF and I chose to do a presentation about Jim Jones. We read tons of books (no Google or wikipedia back then kids), checked out the encyclopedia, and went to the public library to watch the news videos. Our project included a speech about what happened back in 1978 and then the best part.....we made a ton of Koolaid in a big bucket and made everyone line up to get their very own Dixie cup of our drink, just like back in the day (only ours wasn't laced with cyanide, you're welcome). Mr. Childers loved the added Koolaid part. We, our course, got an "A" because we were so creative!! I love teachers that do a creative project for their students. I believe there is no better way to get kids engaged in learning than to let them work hands-on.  (If you want to be educated about Jim Jones go here)

Hope you loved my walk down memory lane. I am so thankful for Mr. Childers for making learning fun. Sorry I didn't provide many pictures. I am being super lazy, as evident in my lack of pictures and lack of blog posts since school started. I guess I just need to get back in the swing of things.

FYI: I started this post on my iPad at school and apparently my signature disappears when I use the iPad app. 

Mendy :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School is exhausting!!





How can elementary school be so exhausting? Oh, wait, I know we have to retrain the lovely little angels from all of their summer fun time. Second graders are such sweet, loving little things but this is their first year at the "big kid" school and there are lots of new rules to follow. Hopefully by Monday they will do an excellent job at figuring out what to do. Hopefully by Monday I can get back to my normal blogging.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Change the title from Kathie Lee and Hoda

School starts today :(

Which means, no more Today Show, no more Good Morning America, no more Live with Kelly and Michael, no more the Price is Right, and the most tragic......NO MORE KATHIE LEE AND HODA!!

Lucky for me the Today Show now has an app for my Android phone so I can go back and watch Kathie Lee and Hoda during my lunch! How many days until Christmas break so I can watch them live? I also downloaded Hoda's book, I can have Hoda time whenever I want!

I am writing this, however, to state my case to join the show Kathie Lee and Hoda. I think that the show should be Kathie Lee, Hoda, and Mendy!!

Here is why I think that I would be fabulous as a third person on their show:

I LOVE when Hoda's playlist comes on. Kathie Lee's face is HILARIOUS and I love that Hoda just keeps singing and dancing. I think I would be a good third opinion for the songs. I like about 1/2 of them and dislike the other 1/2.

I have an awesome singing voice for "Louis Licari, la la la la la la!!"

Sara's leaving (insert sad face) provides an opening for a quirky side kick. I am willing to be sent to do wacky things and I love looking at pictures of cute new babies!

Our ages are perfectly spaced out. What better than to get opinions from 3 different age groups. Kathie Lee turns 60 this week, Hoda just turned 49, and I will turn 38 on my next birthday!!

I am not easily offended and can easily laugh at other people! I can talk about others, too.

I could add opinions from not only my age group but from us mid-western folks, parents of young children, and my financial group.

And the best and most important reason:  I LOVE RED WINE!!

I'm sure I have a few things against me. I am not skinny or beautiful like them. I don't really wear dresses (in my defense we don't go anywhere so I can wear dresses). I am not famous or a journalist (although I wanted to be a journalist when I went back to college back in 1999).  I don't know my way around New York nor have I ever been there.

Now for my plea: Kathie Lee and Hoda, please call me. I would be glad to add my opinion to your show.

"I wanna Hoda on your Kotb, yeah yeah!"

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School

Wow, this 10 weeks went way to fast!! I can't believe that tomorrow is the first day of school. It seems like we just got out. I am very thankful for the summer that we had. We spent time together during the day and then when daddy came home we spent time with him, too. I am also thankful that I didn't have to babysit that much this year, which means I could sleep until 9:30 and have peace and quiet during the day.

A few weeks ago I decided that I wasn't going to babysit the girls I was babysitting for. I usually only had them 1 or 2 days a week but they were very difficult to keep happy. They were well behaved but my daughter and I were getting frustrated trying to keep them entertained (ages 10 and 5).  Because of this, our last 2 weeks of summer were extra relaxing.

My kid's had different mini-vacations this summer, although we didn't go anywhere as a family. Eve went to Columbus, Ohio with my mom in June to visit relatives. Xander and Eve both went to Michigan to visit the great-grandparents on one of the lakes. Finally, Eve went to Kalahari in Ohio last week with her cousin. She did ziplining and LOVED IT!! I am so blessed to have people that take my kids with them. 

Well, we have tons of paper, pens, pencils, other school supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes, and clothes purchased and ready for our first school day tomorrow. I'm sure the kids and I will get home from school tomorrow and nap for a couple hours because first days are exhausting!!

My kids are having some firsts and lasts this years. This is Xander's last year at the middle school. I can't believe I have an 8th grader and next year he will start high school. This is Eve's last year of elementary school, next year she will move on to the middle school. This is my last year to have one of my babies in my school with me. I started when Eve was in Kindergarten, this year she starts 5th grade. I told her that we have to spend every minute together (haha) because next year I am going to be lonely at my school without her!

I emailed that special education department at the end of last school year to get Eve tested. I think she has either dyslexia or a writing disability. The meeting didn't go well. Basically because she is always on the honor roll, does well on standardized testing (which doesn't require much writing), and she uses strategies to help herself, they won't test her. I have had friends suggest a couple of places to get her tested on my own but the cost of those places are $1,000-$1,500!! Who has that kind of money? Any suggestions as to what I can do for her?

I know this was a lot of updating but it has been awhile since an update!!

Lastly, here is a song I think about every year when school starts:

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

People Kill Me!!

People kill me, they do the most asinine things. It cracks me up that someone finds their behavior acceptable and/or doesn't know any better.

I have been selling stuff on a Facebook page for local sellers/buyers. I had some Vera Bradley products that didn't sell in my rummage so I thought I would try this page. I ended up selling a couple of pieces to a couple different ladies. We set up everything through Private Messages on FB and through texts. I said I would meet them at Kmart in town A. I sent them both a private message and a text, they both agreed. We traded car descriptions so we knew who to look for. I was looking for a gold Aztec and a red PT Cruiser. I left home a little late (3:55) and received a text from Miss Gold Aztec that wanted to know what direction I was coming from and to let me know she was sitting with my other buyer. I pulled in the parking lot and only saw the red PT Cruiser. I sold to Miss Red PT Cruiser and she left. I couldn't find Miss Gold Aztec. She text me about 4:05 and wanted to know where I was. I said I was in Kmart parking lot, in the back between Kmart and Family Dollar. She sent another text that she was looking for me and that she was sitting with my other person. I text back that I had already sold to my other person and she already left. She text me back that she just realized that she was at Meijer in town B, not Kmart in town A (15 miles away, pretty sure I mentioned Kmart 5 times setting it up) and wanted to know if I would wait for her. I, of course, told her yes. She text back that she told my other buyer (??) and she cannot come to town A. I text back again that I had already sold to the other buyer. She text back that I shouldn't worry, she would bring the items with her from the other buyer. She just wasn't getting it, so I text again that I had already sold to the other person and I had no idea who that person was that she was talking to. Finally she gets it and text back "sorry for the confusion." She finally showed up and we completed our transaction. I was absolutely shocked about the whole thing. She just wasn't understanding anything I was saying!! How many times did I need to repeat myself. It was almost as if I was speaking to a toddler!

Another thing that cracks me up is my sister. She is my half sister and constantly criticized me throughout my childhood and my adult life. Everything I did, she nitpicked. Why did I wear the clothes I did, why did I choose the college I did, why was I getting married in June, why did I choose to have kids, why did I move houses, etc. One of her big complaints is how I chose to raise my kids. I didn't criticize her, but she felt she could me!! I live by the philosophy that my kids didn't choose this life so I should make sacrifices so they can have the life they deserve. This means me wearing Old Navy clothes so I could afford Gymboree, Janie and Jack, and Hannah Andersson for my kids when they were little. Her philosophy was that her kid would never dress better than her. Both philosophies work for the people they were intended for. She would constantly say that I spoiled them and that I spent too much money on them. I dressed my daughter "ridiculously" because when I picked her clothes out (until end of 1st gradeish) she always had hair bows to match. Eve loved them and so did I, so what's the problem? The part that cracks me up is that her 2 year old granddaughter wears dresses with matching hair bows and my sister thinks it's the cutest thing ever. What? Also, when Xander was born I wanted different names for my parents. I chose Grammy and Grampie, which my sister thought was dumb. She said grandparents should be mamaw and papaw. She constantly told me that Grampie was ridiculous and her father shouldn't be called that. I didn't care and kept it. Our father passed away in 2011, before my sisters granddaughter was born. I have since found out that the granddaughter calls my brother-in-law, GRAMPIE!! I thought it was ridiculous? It cracks me up that she can criticize me and then find it acceptable later in life. 

Eve (age 2), Grampie, Xander (age 5) 2005, Virginia vacation

Eve, age 5, Downtown Disney in Gymboree dress with matching bows, 2008

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I just read this story about a man that rescued his dog before his wife while their boat was sinking. It reminded me of a story of my husband where I was to sacrifice myself to save something.

In 2007, we decided to buy a flat screen TV. Up until that point we had a 31" tube TV (which is now in my bedroom, by the way). For us Best Buy is approximately 30 miles away, so off we went, in the middle of a snow/ice storm. He, of course, had to have that TV right away. We walked around that store forever trying to find something that fit our budget, was a good size, and they had in stock. I finally found a TV that had been returned and they didn't have a box for it. We compared the picture and color to all the others surrounding it and decided that for the money, it was the best deal. We then went in search for a stand. I absolutely refused to have glass. I hate glass stands because the fingerprints are a problem for me and I had a 7 year old and 4 year old. Glass is a little dangerous for those ages. Anyway, I found a wooden stand I liked, which was also a floor model, BONUS (we didn't have to put it together)!! After we purchased it, Best Buy employees helped load it in the truck. We had borrowed my father-in-law's huge Dodge Ram with a crew cab.  Luckily we brought along a tarp. Husband decided to put the TV in the back seat and the stand in the bed, which worked. We made it home damage free. 

It's when we get home that the fun started. We unloaded the stand first and got it all set up in the living room. Then we got the TV out of the back seat, remember that flat screens were a little heavier then compared to now. We had to get it up the front steps, which were covered with ice and snow. For some reason, he thought that it was better that I go up the steps backwards! Then he utters "if you fall make sure the TV falls on top of you!" WHAT? I guess at that time, the television was more important than the health and safety of his wife.

I love telling this story. He is still very protective of that dumb TV. On an up note, because he has cared for that TV it is still in excellent condition and I will get it for my bedroom when he buys a new one next year. 

What is something that your husband sacrificed you for?

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend recap

Besides what I mentioned yesterday, I had a pretty good weekend.

On Friday, I did some shopping. I went out of town by myself and enjoyed a quick shopping trip. I got some school supplies and school clothes for the kids. But my big find was my new luggage. A few weeks ago I had a rummage sale and sold my old luggage set. It was a lovely set that I bought off eBay years ago. It had 5 pieces and only cost me $135. I picked the pattern/colors I did because one time in Vegas my luggage was taken. I was using my moms huge hunter green suitcase, I got off the shuttle bus, the driver handed me a bag and it wasn't mine. The elderly ladies that he had dropped off right before us mistook our bag for theirs. Needless to say, it took several hours to get my bag back. I vowed right then to NEVER use hunter green or black luggage again. As soon as I returned home I bought a bright yellow set. When it wore out, I bought this pretty purple set.  It was used by me a lot and I sold it for $20. I was happy with what I got for it. Here is the old set:

The new set was an awesome find at TJMaxx. I love TJMaxx!! This is a Nine West set. The original Nine West tags were still on it and the large rolling bag and the tote was suggested retail for $580 together. I paid $80!! It is still nice bright colors but now I don't have tons of pieces I will never use. This set is so nice that I used to store my luggage under my bed and this is too deep to fit.

Isn't it pretty :)

Saturday was spent relaxing at home and waiting for my kids to return from Michigan. They left Tuesday afternoon to go to Michigan with grandma to visit great-grandma and great-grandpa. They love it. They can play on the beach and great-grandma is the best cook ever. Anyway, we knew the kids wouldn't be home until almost midnight so we decided that we could go get froyo for dinner!! I always get the same thing: chocolate froyo, peanut butter froyo, hot fudge, peanut butter topping, mini-chocolate chips, and crushed Reece's Pieces. I justify it because it is full of protein because of the peanut butter and the chocolate froyo is fat free!

Tragedy struck for us Saturday night so the rest of the night and all day Sunday was spent in shock. We had decided to bury Emmett in the back yard with 2 cats out there, laws be damned, but my mom called and said she thought it would be best to cremate him. She was worried that if we ever moved, we would be upset to leave him behind. She said that her dog from several years ago she had cremated and then buried the ashes on my grandmothers grave. I thought this was a good idea and we could bury his ashes (laws/rules be damned again) on my dad's grave so we can visit 2 wonderful men at the same time. The kids loved the idea. We took him to our local vet, they said we will have his ashes back in about a week. 

Since I am talking about pets, I asked for prayers here for my mom's cute little puppy. I forgot to tell you that she came home from the puppy hospital and is a sweet, healthy little girl again!! During our rummage we caught her cuddling in this baby carrier we were selling, she loved it! Isn't she a little cutie?

How was your weekend?
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Monday, August 5, 2013

R.I.P. Emmett

My heart is broken and I am so upset as I write this. My beloved dog Emmett was hit by a car on Saturday night. When I put him out he is usually on a tie out but it broke. He decided it was OK to sit in the road (we live in a super small town and our road rarely has a car go down it). Someone hit him and didn't even stop to tell us. My husband found him. I am holding in my heart that he went quick and wasn't in any pain. 

I feel crazy getting so upset over a dog but he did everything with me. He followed me everywhere. He slept with me, napped with me, and cuddled with me. He would let me carry him like a baby and loved to be carried around the house. He loved bye-bye, treat treats, and playing fetch. He was my baby and I often joked with my kids that he was their brother. Everyone who met him, loved him. He will be dearly missed. 

In my journal, I had an idea for an upcoming blog post. It was to be titled "I am convinced." One of the things I was "convinced" of was that "my dog won't eat unless I am doing laundry or using the restroom because those are right next to his bowls and he won't leave my side long enough to do so." I was starting to get worried what he was going to do once I go back to work. He has had anxiety problems before and I was hoping we didn't have that problem when I went back to work.

Sorry for the sad post but my heart is sad and it makes it difficult to write a "happy post."

R.I.P Emmett Edward Hussong

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Life is a numbers game

2 hours and 30 minutes: total amount of time I was on the phone Thursday with Walt Disney World travel planning!

2 hours and 12 minutes: amount of time I was on hold for Walt Disney World travel company.

52: Percent of cell phone battery drained during the above. 

60: phone calls made before I was able to get through to the Disney automated system

1: moderate level hotel with free dining packages left

0: days free dining has been available to the public (without a PIN code)

2 loads of laundry, dishwasher loaded, 1 bowl of cereal consumed, dog let out, brushed teeth, blogged, blog photos taken: things I did while on hold.

All of the above was for my magical Walt Disney World vacation in October. I mentioned here that I was afraid that my first choice resort (Port Orleans-Riverside) would be booked when I was finally able to book free dining and it was :( I was able to get Caribbean Beach Resort, which is also a moderate resort and one that we have stayed at before. I am not happy but at least I got the free dining. The kids will be OK with it because they like the 2 water slides at the CBR and they are familiar with the layout and activites. 

Xander and I rented a boat in 2011 at CBR.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another DIY (Altoid first aid kit)

I am all about the DIY these days. I think it is getting out of hand!!

I thought I would go ahead and blog this one as I am currently on hold with Disney and have been for over an hour, just to add my free dining.

Anyway, I have tons of these mint (Altoid size) tins that I buy when I go to WDW. Last time we went I bought 2 of them and I told my kids that when I run out that it's time to go back. Well, I ran out in May and our trip isn't until October but my friend went in June and I had her bring me one back! So, I go thru 2-3 of these per year and that leaves lots of empty's waiting for a good project.

If you haven't tried these, DO IT!!
I always carry a tiny make-up bag with a first aid kit in it in my backpack to the Disney parks. I know that there are baby care centers that help but if you are far away from it, you don't want to trek all over the park just for a bandaid. After looking at these mint tins, I thought why not combine the 2? So I did!!

Here are the supplies you will need:
Mint tin (Altoid size)
pain reliever (Advil, Tylenol, etc.)
1/2 oz tube antibiotic cream (Neosporin)

First I cleaned out the tin, which is a no-brainer!

 I added the bandaids first. They are flat and things will easily sit on top of them. On a side note, we always take Mickey or Muppet bandaids to Disney, might as well stay in character.

I sprinkle in some Target brand Ibuprofen liquid gels and some children's ibuprofen (Eve won't swallow pills yet). A picture here would be great but my camera was being stupid.

Last I add the Target brand antibiotic cream. As you can see from the picture I had to bend the end of the cream up a bit but it fits nicely.

I'm sure you can decorate the tin on the front but I wanted to leave it with the characters that were on it. This first aid kit is so small you could probably keep it in your purse or diaper bag year-round. 

What do you think?
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