Monday, March 24, 2014


Welcome to what I have named "splinter" in Indiana. The calendar says "spring" but the weather shouts "winter." I realize that then it should be called spinter or something but I like the added "l" because splinters are annoying and painful, just like the weather right now!!

It's supposed to warm up by next weekend so hopefully I will be able to say goodbye to splinter but in the meantime, snow is expected this week during my spring break.

We don't usually do much during spring break, our big trip is during fall break. It seems that prices are jacked up during spring break time and every place is busy so I avoid it and stay home.

We did spend our weekend in Columbus, Ohio. We love to attend Columbus Crew soccer matches and decided it was a great way to start off our spring break. We drove to Columbus on Saturday morning and went to the Easton Town Center so we could meet up with my mom, Eve, my cousin, and her daughter who went to the American Girl store. We shopped at a couple of stores then went to the hotel to check in.

After checking in and dinner, we headed to the match. It was their first home match of the season (First Kick) and the place was exciting. We had front row, corner seats, which ended up being awesome. There were some corner kicks and the players were so close to us!! I think the next time we go we will try to get the same seats. 

Someone lost a shoe on the roof of our hotel!!
We got up and left to come home early on Sunday morning. Something I forgot to mention is that hubby had pneumonia. He is slowly feeling better but he didn't feel like doing much. They also wanted to get home so they could watch the Kentucky game.

I had to board Penny for the weekend and am super bored without her. I can pick her up this morning and we are all ready to see her (except for the cats, I think).

Did anyone watch The Good Wife last night? WTH?

I think since this is my spring break, I am going to do a DIY week because I have a ton of little things to get done! Stay tuned for the first project!!
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Vacations are planned!!

Well, we are finalizing our vacations plans.

For spring break, in less than one week, we will be spending one night in Columbus, Ohio to go to the American Girl store and to watch the Columbus Crew play.  We love watching the Crew play and try to do it as often as we can afford it. This year the four of us are going with my mom, cousin, and her daughter. We will also meet a cousin and her 2 daughters there (she lives in Columbus). The plan is to spend the day at the mall and go to American Girl. Then once the early evening hits, Xander, Joe, and I will be heading out to watch First Kick for the Crew. We will come home after spending one night. Not a huge spring break trip, but Joe has to work.

As for a summer vacation, we won't be taking one. It is hard on us financially to do much over the summer since I don't get paid. We will probably just relax and swim our summer away.

Then we have fall break. Last year, I told my kids that we wouldn't be going to Walt Disney World over fall break because we needed to take a family vacation. They were both mad, of course. I am so happy that they love the World as much as I do. I told them that if they could convince daddy to go with us as a family vacation then we could go. He didn't take much convincing. He hasn't been on a vacation with us since 2008 and he has never been to Florida in a month when the temperature isn't set on Hell. I think he will enjoy the mild temps and staying on property. He won't enjoy bus/transportation hopping like we have to do to get to certain restaurants so I will plan accordingly and make them close by. (Last year we took a bus to MK, walked to the monorail, and took it all the way around to the Contemporary, it took over an hour). We will even rent a car and go to Universal Studios for a day. He is excited about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, they are supposed to have the other part opened up by this summer so he should be able to experience both. 

I found out one of my good friends and her family are going over fall break as well, although they won't be staying as many days. The kids are excited to have some other kids to hang with and to ride on the plane with. 

I have decided to stay at the Beach Club resort this year, since it holds 5 and is a deluxe resort. My friend also has 5 people but they will be staying at the Art of Animation. I insisted upon deluxe or Villas this time. I like the amenities better as compared to value. I did consider 2 value rooms, like we have had before, or the AOA but I really don't want to ever do value again. I like that the Deluxe resorts are closer to the parks and most of them have alternative transportation (boats, monorail). There are also little things like slides at the pools and the little curtains that separate the bathroom from the rest of the room, essential when you are traveling with teenagers. 

I have our restaurants chosen and am just waiting for my reservation window to open up. I am also waiting for the Disney calendar to open up that far so I can see what parks have EMH and then I can decide when we will go where. The resort is booked so I can start making payments and we have already customized our Magic Bands. I got a cute little packet in the mail today that had a magnet in it that had important Disney dates on it (my dining reservation date, Fastpass+ date, etc.).

I love making Disney reservations!!

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our Little Penny

I disappeared for awhile, sorry.

We got our new puppy on February 7th and we have spent most of our time taking care of her. We love our little baby so much.

We have also had some illness floating around our house (cough, congestion, etc.). 

Now, back to Penny. We named her Penelope Joy but we call her Penny. She is such a sweet girl. She has the best personality. She loves our cats but they seem to hate her, although Purry seems to like her about half of the time so I am hoping a friendship can come out of these two.

We are dying to take her to visit my moms dog but her dog had Parvo last summer and we are concerned about Penny. She won't have all of her immunizations until mid-April, so we are waiting until then to introduce her to other dogs.

We have had to potty train her inside on puppy pads and it is making me crazy but Indiana has had LOTS of snow since January. The snow in our yard was taller than little Penny, so I didn't have anywhere to take her outside.

She has grown a little since we got her. On February 7th she weighed exactly 2 pounds. Three weeks later she was up to 2 pounds 4 ounces. She is still tiny but she can now fit into her extra small sized jacket and snowman jammies :)

Here are some pictures I have taken the last month:

Her first day at home!
She fits in Xanders sweatshirt pocket.

Hope you have a good Monday!!
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Three

I'm starting a new thing today. I'm going to call it Thursday Three.

I will just give you 3 updates, pictures, confessions, etc.

1.  Emotion: Excitement is building in our house with the anticipation of our new puppy. We have everything set up, puppy proofed, and ready.

2.  Disney Confession: I have never had a Turkey Leg and have no desire to eat one. I love turkey but I think it would be messy to walk around and eat a huge turkey leg.

3. Picture: I am worried how this precious kitty is going to respond to the puppy. She has turned into the best cat since Emmett passed. She is so loving now and always wants to be with me.

Hope you have a great Thursday. The weekend is almost here!!
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Kate Spade Valentine's Wish

I poured through my "buy me that" and "I want that bag" boards on Pinterest and came up with a good list of Kate Spade items that would be a dream to receive on Valentine's Day. (Husband pay attention)

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Kate Spade scallop ring

Kate Spade 

In reality, my gift is this precious angel that I pick up on Friday and I am OK with that.

What's on your Valentine's wish list?

Friday, January 31, 2014

The one Disney tip I DON'T believe in....

There are tips all over the internet for Disney vacations. I have done several myself (here). A lot of people say the same thing over and over again (including myself) but there is just one tip I don't agree with.

One of the money saving tips that people recommend is getting souvenirs at WalMart before you leave. That way when little Suzy wants a Mickey stuffed plush you can pull your $7 one out of your suitcase that you got at WalMart and give it to her and save some cash. Same goes for when she wants that $30 Princess T-shirt.

This sounds like a good plan BUT my problem with it is that I can go to WalMart right now and buy those and give them to my kids. So can my neighbor kids that have never been to a Disney park. Does this make me a snob, probably. But I want something to show for my Disney vacation not my WalMart shopping trip. 

My first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1981 when I was 5 years old. Starting that year, all the way through my late teens, I bought one Disney plush per year. It was a smaller one, about 10 inches but I have Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, etc. They all have memories to go with them and I remember picking out a lot of them myself, not my mom buying it at the store and giving it to me out of her suitcase. They are all still in my room at my parents house.

T-shirts follow the same thing. But do they really need a shirt they are going to grow out of in 6 months? Yes, it's cute but it won't last. I had nicer ones made online (etsy or eBay) that I saved but I have only ever bought 2 at the parks. 

I didn't get several souvenirs every year I went, just a couple. No one can afford to buy thousands of dollars worth of junk for their kids.

Limit your children to an amount, even small kids will understand this if you work with them. We like to do gift cards so there is no cash to carry around. 

As for a toy, let your children have the joy of picking out what they want and you get the joy of seeing their eyes light up when they carry it around. They will love it forever. My daughters first Disney plush was Squirt from Finding Nemo. She was 2 and loved that little turtle. He still lives in her room, 9 years later! I even kept the receipt. Xander never wanted stuffed animals so we saved there. He wanted swords and the like. 

My recommendation for clothing is visiting the Disney outlet store at 2 of the outlet malls in Orlando. This is official Walt Disney World merchandise that didn't sell in the parks so they move it there. When my son was 5 I got him an outfit (jeans and a long sleeve shirt) for $15. Both were Disney merchandise and had Mickey on them. 

It may sound awful but I just don't like the thought of pawning off a cheap toy to my kid when we could get one together and make a lasting memory. You don't have to spend a ton of money but think about the memory. Also, how long is a cheap Mickey from WalMart going to hold up compared to one that is nicer made?

I get a lot of stuff to take with me like my post here about glow sticks for the parks. But let your kids have the joy of searching the mounds of animals for just the right one, you won't regret it!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Go away winter, you aren't wanted!

Cabin fever is setting in.

It's so freakin' cold again this week!! Here is the current, check out the windchill temp:

I'm over it. The snow won't melt, we have missed so much school, and IT"S COLD!!

It's colder in Indiana than Alaska, who came up with this plan?

My pipes are frozen today! No hot water for the kitchen sink or washer. Then to top it all off, the drain is frozen to the washer. I only discovered this after I started a load of laundry and water spurted out all over the laundry room floor! FML

I went shopping on Friday night in 40mph winds just so I could get out of the house. Someone please flip the switch to May.....please. At TJ Maxx I got this candle called Beach Walk so I can dream. Bonus: it smells good and had 2 little shells in it.

I've watched so much TV, especially Monday and Tuesday when school was cancelled. I watched a lot of the old show Reba on TV and some old The Vampire Diaries episodes on Netflix.

Not much else is going on.

Found out that this is my puppy. Her name is going to be Penelope Joy (we will call her Penny) and we pick her up on February 7th. We are so excited! I am mentally preparing myself to get up every so often in the middle of the night to let her out.

No, she will NOT wear dresses but she may wear a small hair bow :)

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