Monday, March 14, 2016

Been awhile!!

So, it's been awhile! I have packed up and moved to a different blog.  You can find me at Mendy Mouse, where I will share tips, reviews, and fun things related to Disney. You can find the blog here.

Come on over and follow me there!!

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Friday, January 23, 2015


My husband and I are taking a no-kid vacation in October!!


It has been several years that we have been able to do something without children and we are super excited.

I wanted to go someplace that I have never been so we decided on New Orleans. After searching for plane tickets and discovering the astronomical pricing we have decided to drive.

Then my husband dropped the ultimate bomb, he wants to also go to WALT DISNEY WORLD!! That would mean going without kids, which at first made me feel guilty but then I realized that I will be able to go through EVERY SINGLE SHOP and not worry about getting to the next ride. It's like a dream come true.

We are going to try and live it up while there. First step is possibly renting DVC points from David's. My friends recommend it all the time but with 5 people (tickets, food, room, etc.) it isn't cost effective for us to stay DVC or even Deluxe for that matter. We are hoping for Boardwalk Villas but we will see how it goes, If not I may end up at Port Orleans French Quarter.

So, this brings me to recommendations. Do you have any hotel recommendations in New Orleans? Do you have any recommendations of things that we can do at Disney without kids?

Let the crazy planning begin...

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Three

Today is Thursday, thank goodness. It's getting closer to the weekend and I am definitely ready for it. I am so tired from having this crazy illness that I'm ready to relax.

Happy Thursday!!

1.  Photo:

This is how we entertain ourselves when the power is out!

2.  Randomness: Watched the news this morning and they were doing a live, on the scene shoot. The female reporter was talking away about something unrelated and behind her, spray painted on the cement wall is the word "Penis." How did they not see that when they were scouting that location? Gave me a nice morning chuckle.

3. Truth: Buying a car is stressful!!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ipsy Glambag January 2015

I know that I said that Wednesday's would be book reviews again, however, I have the ick and am not in the mood. So, today is going to be about Ipsy.

I never did review my Ipsy bags from November and December but oh well, I will skip those.

This month's theme was "Fresh Start." Not sure how the contents of my bag equate to a "fresh start" but I liked it anyway.

Here's what it contained:

1. BellaPierre Shimmer powder in Whesek. Pretty sure this will be an item I will attempt to trade or never use. Too dark for me and I'm a little too old for glitter.

2.  Elizabeth Mott all over shadow brush. I love receiving brushes from Ipsy. This will be put to good use. This brush alone sells for $9.99, which covers the cost of this months bag.

3.  Malin+Goetz Mojito lip balm. Tried this last night and it does a pretty good job, not as good as the Jersey Shore Sun balm that I received in August, but pretty good.

4.  Pacificia Natural Mineral Coconut eyeshadow in ethereal. I like this color and will definitely use this shadow.

5.  Probelle Into the Blue nail lacquer. I love this color and hope that I get a chance to use it. (I'm addicted to Jamberry's right now). This lacquer sells for $6!! Another awesome deal in my Glambag.

6.  Blue and white make up bag with orange zipper. This bag isn't to my liking but pretty sure Eve will use it.

Glad I decided to change my Ipsy settings so I would stop receiving lip gloss. I have so many from them that it's hard to use them all. I think I will use all of these products, with the exception of the shimmer powder, which I will attempt to trade with other Ipsters.

Have a great Wednesday! 

If you or a friend want to subscribe to Ipsy, give my link a click:

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Monday, January 12, 2015


So, I disappeared for awhile. I think I am just bored and I'm not quite sure what to write about any more but I need to have something for myself so I will continue on.

I am not one of those "New Years Resolutions" kind of people. Why make promises that you know you won't keep? However, I did say that I needed to write more, so here I am.

Today we are stuck at home with ice and snow covering the roads. I was hoping to at least go to school with a 2 hour delay so I didn't lose my February break, but we now only have 1 day left of that break. Pretty sure I won't have that break. BOO!!

Since I am at home today I'm going to watch TV and do some laundry, maybe even read. I have been watching my favorite today, The Today Show, but they keep showing the same clips over and over again from last nights Golden Globes. Boring!!

Oh, and mentioning reading, I have decided to participate in a reading challenge that I found here. I think it is designed to read 50-52 books for the year (if you read all the books on the trilogy section) but I read my first book for the challenge (Lead by Kylie Scott, more on that later) which I counted as 4 on the checklist.  I checked off a book by a female author, a book with a one-word title, a book you can finish in a day (which I did), and a book set somewhere you have always wanted to visit (Oregon).

I have started on my 2nd book of the challenge, The Hobbit. It would be the book I've owned but never read and a book a the bottom of my to read list (it has been on my summer reading list for 2 years).

I'm hoping to bring back some fun days to the blog, like Book Review Wednesday and Thursday Three!!

Stay Tuned....

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Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY Mickey tie dye shirt

Today we are at Walt Disney World. Since this week is full of Disney posts, I added this one.  

Part of our summer fun list this year was tie dye. Eve and I didn't know what to dye so we decided to make grandma a Mickey tie dye shirt for Disney World.

The kit that I bought was on the Dollar Spot at Target for $3. It came with pink and purple dye. The t-shirt is Danskin brand from Walmart, I think it was also $3. I wanted a nicer shirt and one with a women's style as opposed to the big baggy shirts that most people dye.

We followed the directions on the package for what to do step by step. Make sure that you put newspapers down on your surface, wear old clothes, and use the gloves they give you.

The first thing I did was to find a Mickey head online and print it to the size that I wanted. I figured out a good placement for it and taped it down. I then traced it with pencil. This was mistake #1, after washing twice the pencil marks are still there. After I did the shirt, I read online to trace the Mickey head with washable  marker so it would wash out. I recommend that you try that one.

After tracing, I did mistake #2. I went around the Mickey head with double thickness thread. I read later to use dental floss. Pretty sure that would have worked a lot better because I had all kinds of trouble. My thread broke when I was pulling hard on the thread to pucker up the head. Also, I didn't get very clean lines after the dying process was done. Anyways.....after pulling the thread dye the Mickey head with 1 color (we chose purple) and wrap it with plastic wrap.

Insert lots of random pictures:

We then did a spiral pattern with the shirt and wrapped a ton of rubber bands around it. We then used pink dye on the shirt.

We wrapped the shirt in plastic and put it in a Walmart bag for the allotted time (again, follow manufactures directions).

I washed the shirt, per manufactures instructions and got a good final product. To fix my earlier mistake (#2), I put the Mickey head over the shirt in the proper area (after putting cardboard between the layers of the shirt) and traced around the head with a bleach pen to clean up the Mickey head.

It really helped give me a better result. I let the bleach sit on the shirt for a bit and then rinsed it out. I washed the shirt AGAIN and the end result was good.

Grandma liked her shirt and we think it is the perfect Disney shirt.

There are tons of tutorials (video and blog) on how to do a good tie dye online. I'm certain theirs looks better than mine but we still had fun with the process.

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Disney Thursday Three

Since I am at Walt Disney World this week, my Thursday Three is going to be Disney themed.

1.  Confession: I have been to Walt Disney World 25+ times and Disneyland once but have never done the following: Country Bear Jamboree, Hall of Presidents, and Tiki Room. I have no desire to do them either.

2.  Today's Truth:

3.  I love thrill rides where ever I go (The Incredible Hulk Coaster, here I come) but my favorite Disney attractions are more nostalgic:  Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover (Peoplemover to my family), Carousel of Progress, and Spaceship Earth.  I miss Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, World of Motion, and Horizons.

Have a magical day!!
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