Monday, February 20, 2012

No School

Today was a no school day for all of us due to Presidents Day. So, after the kids played outside in Indiana's uncharacteristic for February 43 degrees weather, we decided to do a chemistry experiment. This experiment helps towards the Disney countdown gifts but the kids didn't know it. They will be to make pressed pennies when we are at Disney. And who wouldn't want shiny pennies instead of dull, old pennies?

First we started with a pile of dirty pennies that were in our penny jar.

Then we followed the directions on this website to clean the pennies:

What is needed:
Old, Dirty pennies
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tsp Salt
Non-metal bowl

Pour vinegar and salt into bowl, stir. Put 10-15 pennies in bowl and count to 10 slowly. Remove pennies, rinse with water, and put on towel to dry. Repeat until all pennies are clean.

My 9 yr old daughter put the pennies in the bowl and counted to 10 while I rinsed pennies and placed them on the towel.

This is the end product.

The kids loved that with just a little vinegar and salt we could make them shiny.

Only 245 days left until our Disney Vacation!!

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