Friday, April 6, 2012

Making Mickey Cookies

Well, my daughter and I finally had time to make her Mickey cookies. My son hasn't had time to make his yet. When I decided to give these cookie cutters I also decided to just buy the refrigerated cookie dough from a local store. I wanted them to enjoy the rolling out of the dough and using the cookie cutter more so than having to mix cookies from scratch. Because of this decision, the cookies are somewhat dark and not as good tasting as homemade ones would be but fun to make nonetheless. Following are pictures of her cookie making experience.

The cookie cutter came with 2 kinds of gel icing and a packet of sugar sprinkles. She didn't like the flavor of the gel icing so we didn't use them. As for the sugar packet, she poured all of the packet on one cookie and ate it that way. She's nine, what can you expect?

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