Saturday, October 20, 2012

3 Days until our Vacation

With only 3 days left we have lots of things to do. I have done TONS of laundry today. It seemed like all of Xander's shirts were dirty. During all of these loads of laundry, I was working on packing. I think Eve is completely packed. Xander and I are getting there. It seems like a slow process. 

Let me start of explaining todays gift with a quick back story. This Disney vacation is on a super tight budget. The hubby is unemployed and after everything it doesn't leave much money for extra fun. Most of the gifts in this countdown are things we would have purchased anyway, like toiletries, gum, candy, travel activities, etc. My mother and I have split costs of most of the gifts because I would be buying for 5 people. I am not heartless, nor am I trying to exclude anyone from anything. Having said this, today's gift was only purchased for Xander and Eve. I didn't want to leave Catelyn out of it but considering the gift was $25 each, it was kind of difficult to add an extra person on to it for me. She is completely unaware of the gift giving process, so her feelings will not be hurt. She lives in a different city, approximately 75 miles away. We have just been keeping her gifts in a huge gift bag and they will be given to her before we leave.

Today's gift is a $25 Disney Gift Card. I know that these can be purchased at Walgreens, Meijer, or CVS but I wanted to order different ones from There are tons of choices and you even get a cute card with it for free that you can add your own message to. The date on these cards are when I ordered them. There are other greeting cards you can buy but I didn't want to purchase anything extra.  

The gift cards I chose were ones that included Mickey Mouse. Xander's has Mickey golfing, because he loves golf. Eve's card has all of the standard Disney characters on it. The website has so many different choices, probably hundreds, but I wanted standard Mickey. We have purchased gift cards at WDW before and they usually end up with the Muppets (Eve) or Perry the Platypus (Xander) so this time I wanted Mickey.

Sorry this picture is blurry but I had a REALLY hard time getting another picture to load correctly so I took this one. The gift cards were attached to the inside of the above greeting cards and had the gift card amount typed underneath the card. Both of my cards are worth $25 each.

Total for this gift is $50. 

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