Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween...a little late :)

I can't believe how fast the last few weeks have been. We have been to Disney and back, no thanks to Hurricane Sandy (more about that later) and have had my favorite holiday, Halloween. 

I love the idea of dressing up and people giving me candy. It is fantastic, where else can you get free chocolate? I haven't dressed up in a few years but I still seem to get candy along the way.

This year my daughter went as Katniss Everdeen. She wanted a cool, kick butt costume and loves the movie so we thought it would be a great idea. This costume is one of the best ones I have made over the years, because it was the cheapest, and I have made several (devil, flower fairy, zombie golfer). This costume cost me less than $4, which makes me very happy.

We will start with the top of her and go down. The hair was easy, just a braid across the back of her head and we were done. She wore a black t-shirt, black jacket, and black yoga pants, all of which we already owned. The mockinjay "pin" on her jacket is leftover from a friends birthday party, it was the cupcake topper ring. I had my husband saw the ring part off and we hot glued it to her jacket. The jacket was old, getting snug, and came from Walmart so no big loss. The "12" on both arms is to identify her as district 12 and was white duct tape that we already had and I wrote the numbers on with a Sharpie. The hiking boots are the only thing I had to buy and they were 2 sizes too big (haha) but they came from the Goodwill and cost less than $4. The bow is from a co-worker and the arrows with holder came from a relative. I had looked at Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, and Meijer for the cheap, plastic toy kind but no one had any so I had to text friends to see if they had any toy ones. No one did but these 2 offered me up the real thing, which helped the costume look more authentic. She got so many compliments, a lot of the houses (that knew the movie) said it was the best costume of the night. She loved it. We only saw 1 more Katniss out and about. The other Katniss was the one from the beginning of the movie with khaki's on and a big black coat. We went with the tribute Katniss, she seemed more kick butt to us.

It was very cold where we live and I am glad that she was able to wear something with pants and a jacket and not mess up the integrity of her costume. We even got Xander to partially dress up. He was already wearing a cool track jacket that said "Epcot" on it so I told him to wear his Disney lanyard and he could be a Disney tourist. He only got candy from relatives and refused to wear his Mickey ears from 4 years ago, but at least he went with us. He is 12 and likes to pretend he is too old for such things. 

I already can't wait for next Halloween. Maybe I should skip going to Disney and have a Halloween party......or maybe not :)

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  1. I hope Sandy didn't ruin the trip to Disney! I love the Katniss costume:) such a creative idea. She is such an inspiration to young girls!