Friday, December 21, 2012

School's out

School was cancelled today for this:

This wouldn't be surprising in, say, Georgia or something, but I live in Indiana where it snows all winter. The school system that I work for is notorious for not cancelling school, or even giving out 2 hour delays. But they decided to cancel today, they day for classroom Christmas parties, Christmas carol sing-a-longs, and my prep day. The group I work with were going to go out for lunch at an awesome Mexican restaurant, instead my lunch will consist of a chicken patty with mac and cheese. I would rather have chips, queso, and a chimichanga!!

Because I am not a psycho planner when there are storms (i.e. I don't go to the store for milk, bread, and eggs like everyone else in the county) I realized that I am out of bread, milk, and ketchup; karma is a very bad girl!! So, I guess I will be sending the hubs to the store. 

This has been a crazy week. Went shopping for the teachers Christmas present last night, which she now won't receive until January 8th, at Bath and Body Works (Eve's request). I did shop a little for myself. I got these awesome Wallflower refills for $5:

I don't usually like peppermint but these smell great. They remind me of my favorite mints: 

My grandmother always had these mints, they smell like my childhood :)

I also got this fabulous anti-bacterial hand gel at B&BW. What could possibly be better than anti-bac and GLITTER?

This week gave us a sad milestone. This was Eve's first year without a Christmas dress. Don't judge, Momma's like Christmas dresses for girls!! The outfit she got was super cute but I hate that she thinks she is too big for dresses. I do believe in expressing yourself so I accept her decision and we got this cute outfit:

The black sweater is from Justice, blue/green top is from Justice, sparkle jeggings are from Target, and the black boots are from Payless.  Bracelet was also from Justice. 

I am going to try and make the best of today's day off by going shopping with my mom. I will leave my 2 children and the cousin we babysit for with the hubs. Thank goodness for Playstation!!

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  1. So jealous about the snow! We had high winds and rain here in maryland last night and that was it. I admit I was a little bummed. Sucks your kiddos missed out on the holiday fun at school. PS. I love wall flowers;)