Monday, February 25, 2013

*Book Review Wednesday*

Time to review another book.

I have chosen another series to review this week. It is the Fallen Star series by Jessica Sorensen.

This is how I got "tricked" into reading this series: First, I was reading a pretty good book called The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen (which was pretty good BTW). Then, since I enjoyed that book I went on the author's website to see if there would be another Ella and Micha story available soon. Her website ended up listing all of these other books that she has written, including the Fallen Star series. I am usually a sucker when it comes to books and the first book in this series was FREE, so what's stopping me? I downloaded it and was surprised to see that it was 700+ pages (on my Nook). This is awesome for a free book. I read the book in a couple of days and then went looking for book #2. This book was was called The Underworld. To my surprise it was only $.99 but the downside is that it was only 197 pages. WTH? I am certain this is how we get pulled in as consumers. I realize that this is a cheap price but book 1 was 700 pages and this book is less than 200!! 

I read it though and enjoyed it which lead to book #3 (The Vision) and finally book #4 (The Promise).

I must say that these were 4 very good books. I enjoyed the story. There is suspense, romance, supernatural, and chaos. The characters are well-developed and all likable. The author has trouble with some grammatical errors scattered throughout but it doesn't deter from the story. This author is a good story teller, I have read other series by her.

Spoiler Alert:
Having said all of the good, I must point out that for the first half of the first book, I was having Twilight flashbacks. There are several scenes that take place in a school classroom, where Gemma (the main character) and Alex (the hot, weird guy) must sit next to one another in class. He seems to be put off by her and doesn't want anything to do with her. I was a little frustrated because I certainly didn't want to read a Twilight rip-off. The further I read on the better it got and the less like Twilight. 

These books are basically about one girl (Gemma) who finds out some incredible information about herself. She meets some new people at school, where she is usually a loaner and her world gets turned upside down. She meets some interesting people along the way who shape everything about who she will be. She meets vampires, witches, and fairies, all of which she didn't know existed. 

If you can make it through the first book sounding like a rip-off then you can finish it. I found the series to be quite entertaining. I highly recommend it to other who like sci-fi/supernatural type books. I think it would be fine for older teenagers to read. 

I give this book:

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