Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day blog world!!

We are usually pretty low key on this holiday and this year is no exception. We don't have any plans for tonight, just relaxing with the kids.

As an educator, valentine's day has become my least favorite holiday. I was warned when I started working at a school how bad valentine's day was but I didn't believe anyone. I was wrong!! Thank goodness it's over!

For the past 14 days I have been participating in's 14 Days of Love Instagram challenge. It has been fun (even though I am not a fan using a hashtag). The challenge was to post photos of these things on Instagram with #14DaysofLove.

Here is the challenge:

Crappy pic taken of the computer screen with my phone.

Day 1: Color you love

I love pink, purple, and black!

Day 2: Book you love

I love the entire HP series and this is my favorite out of all of them!!

Day 3: Music

I have loved them for YEARS!! I first saw them in 1996.

Day 4: Time of Day

The time I get home after work!

Day 5: Memory

Xander and I in 2008 at Discovery Cove in Orlando.

Day 6: Food

I realize it's not a food but I LOVE it and I ingest it so it counts, haha!

Day 7: Possession

My Nook

Day 8: hobby


Day 9: Pet

My shorkie Emmett :)

Day 10: Collection

My collection of flip flops!

Day 11: Clothing

Zip up hoodies are the BEST!!

Day 12: Movie

I love comedies!

Day 13: Quote

From Twilight:  Eclipse book.

Day 14: Me

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