Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I got a new computer :)

I got a new computer and I am sooooo excited!!

I have been using an ancient desktop computer that my in-laws gave us a couple years ago. It was on the bar in our kitchen and to use it meant that I had to sit on uncomfortable bar stools. UGH!!!  If I wasn't using that, I used the hubby's laptop but it wasn't always available. 

So, this weekend I went to Best Buy and got me a Samsung Chromebook. We got my daughter an Acer Chromebook for Christmas and she loves it. After playing around with it and learning how to use everything, I decided that I wanted a Chromebook too. A Chromebook is basically a laptop but it doesn't run on Window's software. It runs solely on Chrome. There are no "stationary" programs to install on the computer, everything is run online. 

The things I like about it is first and foremost, the size, 11 inches.  The hubs laptop is almost 16 inches and it is super heavy. This Chromebook fits in my purse (yes, I carry a huge purse).  I do like the operating system (Chrome) even though it basically only works if you have wifi. There are some games we found for my daughter that are offline but everything else is online. There are tons of features and I learn something new/good every time I use it.

I was at somewhat of a learning cure with it because I am used to storing a TON of pics on the computer but I guess I will just store them on my hubbs laptop. As for pics for the blog, I am storing them on Dropbox (which came with my phone). 

I think this computer is perfect for kids and as a second home computer. I basically need it for blogging, Pinterest, Facebook, surfing the 'net, and email. 

I think I am going to love having my own little computer that I can take everywhere with me!!

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  1. YAY!! I have a Samsung too! I just got it a few months ago.. so far so good:)

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