Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why I choose to go to Walt Disney World...

As I mentioned here, I have started the planning process for my Walt Disney World vacation on our fall break.

Usually when I tell people that I am planning again I usually get the same questions/statements. "Didn't you just go last year?" "Don't you get tired of going to the same place every year?" "Disney is for babies."

I don't know what makes people think that it's OK to ask people these questions. I would never ask someone that about their vacation plans. I would probably ask for recommendations if I ever decide to visit that place myself.

 "Didn't you just go last year?" This is usually asked by someone who stays in the same condo, on the same beach, and eat at the same restaurants every spring break but can't seem to understand how I could go to Disney every year. I try to be polite when people ask this question and I usually say "yes, my kids like to go every year." This is only half truth though, my mom and I like going, as well. There are so many different things to do that makes us love it. My parents took my cousin and I almost every summer to WDW. It feels like home and I tell people this. 

The next question is "Don't you get tired of going to the same place every year?" No, I don't. I attempt to make every vacation different for us, whether it be different resorts or different restaurants, we experience something new each and every time. One year, we went with our cousins. The next year we ate at different restaurants than the year before. Last year, we took my niece and added some different parks and restaurants. This year, we are going to a water park and adding Universal Studios to our theme park list. To me this is much better than looking at the same beach for 5 days (I do think we will take a beach vacation next year just so the kids can have that experience). These people need to understand that I value my Disney experience as much as they value their beach experience

When someone says, "Disney is for babies," I usually follow it up with "my 13 year old son loves it." This is where "Disney magic" comes into play. Disney magic allows you go make your vacation "your personal vacation." There are so many choices, you can travel at the same time as a friend and never do the same thing. No, Magic Kingdom might not be for all ages but have you ever been to Epcot or Animal Kingdom? My 13 y/o son loves Epcot (like his mother). There is so much science, learning, and hands on stuff, it's almost like an extra large children's museum. We usually only spend 1/2 a day at MK. We ride all of our favorite rides and then move on, in contrast we spend open to close at Epcot. Animal Kingdom is also a good one that has activities not targeted to "babies." Although, we only make AK a half day park because there are a lot of shows and Eve doesn't do shows.

Whatever the reason is, I sometimes run into negativity when planning for Disney but I am not concerned. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to go every year and make memories with my babies. Isn't that the what it's all about anyway, making memories with our babies?

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  1. I didn't go to Disney for the first time until I was 24 and my son was 9! He LOVED it, MK is totally my favorite but Nick liked Hollywood Studios. Disney is always adding new things and keeping things fun. We are going on the cruise next year, have you ever been?

    1. I have never been on a Disney cruise. One day I hope to. Let me know how it is.