Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY hair ties

My daughter is going through the ponytail stage. Every day, a ponytail. Even though it is driving me crazy, I support her decision to be who she wants to be which means buying unlimited hair ties. If I don't keep her stocked up she steals all of mine :(

I decided to start making my own after purchasing some at Justice. The ones I bought were super expensive (because it's Justice, of course) and naturally they were all "lost" pretty quickly, as hair ties usually are.

I searched around and found this seller on eBay and I bought 8 yards of 5/8" neon colored fold over elastic for $7.60. Their site says that it will glow under a blacklight, super fun!

2 yards each of neon green, orange, yellow, and pink

DIY Hair tie:

Step 1: cut elastic 9 inches long

Step 2: fold it over, shiny side out

Step 3: tie it in a knot

Step 4: trim the ends at an angle and you get your finished product

Pretty simple, right?

The headbands are the same instructions except you cut it at 19 inches, a little more or less depending on your head size.

Out of 8 yards of fold over elastic I got 15 hair ties and 8 headbands. Pretty good for less than $8.

Here is the length comparison with a hair tie and headband.

Here are the finished colors.

This is a super cheap and easy DIY that both you and your daughter can do. Eve did have a little trouble tying the knots so I did the knots while she cut the elastic.

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  1. These are super cute! I must try them sometime. My problem is that my hair is super thick and super curly, so instead of losing hair ties, mine always snap!

    1. My hair is pretty thick and these do a pretty good job holding it up. Due to my hair thickness, though, the only time I try a headband is when it's already in a ponytail because I know it would never hold it alone, nothing will :) Good luck hope they help.