Friday, August 23, 2013

Dear Friday letters

Dear Friday,
It has been a long week and I am very thankful you are here!

Dear Emmett,
These last few weeks have been lonely without you. We all miss you greeting us at the door and barking at everyone. We found your toy under the couch, thanks for hiding it for us to find later.

Dear August, 
You suck. Please exit immediately.

Dear Disney,
Today marks 60 days until my vacation and I can check in today. I am getting super excited!! Now to work on some awesome gift bags for my kids.

Dear 2nd grade teachers,
You wanted the intervention team set up this way, now you have to live with your decision. Also, I am not in your room to be your slave or copy girl. I am a highly qualified aide, trained by the best, use me for what I am there, for TO TEACH KIDS TO READ! We are 9 days into the school year and I shouldn't have time to blog on my iPad. Your lack of organization is hurting your test scores which will reflect on both of us.

Dear iOS,
Please figure out where my signature went and return it.

Have a good weekend.

Mendy :)

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