Tuesday, August 27, 2013

OMG this makes me laugh

Here is some of the funny crap that made me laugh the last few days...

Back in the spring (here) I mentioned that a co-worker decorated the employee bathroom. Well, as if the butterfly and flowered decor wasn't enough, someone has decided to add new reading material (besides the Bible that was sitting there). Someone found it fit to add a map!! What on Earth do I need a US map for while visiting the bathroom? Do I need to be able to get to Idaho whilst doing my business? As if that isn't funny enough, the map is the laminated kind. Thank goodness, cuz I'm sure the paper one would attract all the wrong kinds of germs.

While reading on the internet about some True Blood updates (Eric isn't dead, obviously) someone mentioned in the comments about Anna Paquin's gap in between her front teeth. The person said that a gap in the front teeth is sexy in many cultures. Thank God because my gap is huge. Even after 3 years of braces, mine must have felt stifled because came back. I guess even doctors can't correct my sexy!!

Purry, the cat, loves boxes but what cat doesn't, right? We can sit a box anywhere and our cats will find their way in it in less than a minute. The other day I had put the cans of Cokes in the fridge and sat the box next to the trash can. I went back later in the day to remove the rewards points when this little head poked out and looked annoyed that I was disturbing her slumber. 

What random funnies are happening in your life?

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  1. The kitty made me laugh! :)

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