Sunday, October 20, 2013

A case of the "blah's"

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile. I just haven't been feeling it lately. I think it is a combination of work stress, getting ready for vacation, and just a general case of the "blah's." 

A lot has been going on over the last week or so since I last blogged.

Xander got his stitches out finally and is using his finger again. 

Eve and I went on her 5th grade field trip to a state park. We walked trails and she had fun with a bunch of girls in her class. We had a great day, even though it was chilly.

She has been staying in my room in the morning and playing on my iPad. She used it only one time and when I turned it on, she had taken a selfie and made it my wallpaper!! She is so silly and fun loving, I wish I could be like that! 

I got my toenails ready for Halloween. I got tons of compliments at WDW last year on my candy corn fingernails so I went with that style this year only on my toes. I added some orange glitter to the orange parts and some glow in the dark glitter to the yellow. What do you think?

Sorry, I'm not the best polisher!! Also, I think my Mickey toe tattoo is fading :(
Recently we had muffins for mom at our school. There was a letter to the editor a few weeks before in our local paper that was from someone that was complaining that their child's muffins at their school we're not "homemade by the 3rd grade home ec classes!" Apparently this person just moved here from out of state and their old school provided homemade. Here are the problems that I see with this: 
1. We do not provide home ec at the elementary level because we find it more important in life that they can read and add 2 numbers together at age 8 than cooking food. 
2. There are more than 700 people at our elementary school, even if only a fraction of the moms show up, that's a lot of freakin'muffins. 
3.  I don't want anything a third grader has made because I have seen where their fingers have been and I don't want it near my food!!

What does your school do?


  1. DO you think she was being serious or sarcastic with that comment? Ridiculous. People are so nasty these days. Makes me sad. At my sons school we aren't allowed to have anything homemade PERIOD. There are too many "allergies" which I totally get..but it makes me sad because I've been taking in homemade cupcakes on his birthday since he was in Kindergarten. I feel like people really can suck the fun out of everything. Cute nails! Maybe I'll do something similar for Christmas! xoxo

    1. I really think the lady was serious. Some people just don't get it. People are fun-suckers, I agree!!