Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctor Who?

Saturday was Doctor Who day at our house. The 50th anniversary episode aired so we built our afternoon around the show. The episode was broadcast worldwide at the same time with no commercials, how awesome is that?

To start off, Friday was spent realizing that the episode was going to be on at 8pm on BBC America like it usually is but at 2:50 eastern time in the afternoon. This altered things a little for us because we were having another family over to watch with us but they couldn't come in the afternoon because they would be Christmas shopping. This left the 4 of us to celebrate together. I had everything to make the snacks so I went ahead and made them they just weren't as fancy as they could have been. 

I started with a nice lunch of "fish and chips." We don't do much fish at our house so I bought Tyson breaded chicken nuggets. Since the British call fries "chips," all I had to do was buy some frozen fries and I was done. It just happened that I took the pic of the Tardis blue plate, what a nice surprise!

I searched Pinterest for some snack ideas and found this blog with some fabulous ideas. Mine are like the ghetto versions but I don't care, they tasted the same. 

Up first were the screwdrivers. I bought the pretzel rods and candy pieces at Meijer. I melted the candy per their instructions and poured it over the pretzel rods. I sprinkled our blue and green sprinkles on them immediately. I then separated the melted candy into 2 different bowls and added blue food coloring to one bowl and green to the other. I dipped the ends into the colors to represent the blue or green lights of 2 different Doctors (10 and 11) screwdrivers.

The next thing I made were the Adipose. These are cute little things on the episode but unfortunately represent fat. What other way to represent fat then with marshmallows? The original blog used mini's for the arms and legs but since it was just us, I didn't add those. I let Eve do the smiley faces with black gel icing.

Aren't they cute?
Lastly, we made "fish sticks and custard" a favorite of Doctor 11. Well, as mentioned above we don't do fish sticks so that was out and we are not a fan of custard so cancel that too. The snacks on the blog said to use vanilla pudding and basically snickerdoodle cookies. I didn't get fancy again, just bought vanilla pudding cups and some break and bake snickerdoodles. My plan was to cut these to look like stix (fish stix) but they got out of the oven at 2:40 and the show was starting in 10 minutes :(

Overall, we thought the episode was great. It opened up a lot of questions that I hope can be answered over the next couple seasons. The next episode will be the Christmas day episode. Christmas is usually busy for us but we will make time for it. Maybe we can do some more Doctor snacks then, too. 
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  1. How can you not like custard?! I love custard. And fish and chips haha.
    Looks like you had great fun! :D