Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy (late) Halloween!!

My schedule was a little wacky last week and I didn't get to wish everyone "Happy Halloween." Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I think it is fun picking out a costume and getting all dressed up. I haven't dressed up for halloween for several years but I love helping my kids either pick out costumes or making their costumes.

I wanted to make Eve a weeping angel costume from Doctor Who this year but she wanted me to buy a costume. I gave in because it really is about the kids being happy. We ended up at 5 different stores in one day but she found one that she was really excited for. Originally she wanted to be the bleeding Scream so when we start looking and she sees things like a girl sailor and Alice in Wonderland, I knew I needed to purchase something quick while she wanted to be something girly. I don't have many of these years left, I have to treasure each and every one!!

At the last store, the store that had NOTHING on sale, she found the Mad Hatter. It was cute with bright colors so we decided to get it. It was so far away from what she would usually pick out but we loved it. 

Even though it was chilly in Indiana on November 1st (trick or treating was moved due to threat of severe storms) in Indiana, she decided to wear flip flops with it. We sprayed her hair with pink and green spray and I put it in a funky bun on the side. I then pinned the hat on but it had trouble staying on. She let me put on some silvery eye shadow, fill in her eyebrows, added pink blush to her cheeks, and hot pink lipstick. What do you think?

By the Way: This is what I got when I  trick or treated at my friends house:

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  1. She looks so cute!! Like a little lady:) Is it too late to trick or treat at your friends house?? lol