Sunday, March 9, 2014

Our Little Penny

I disappeared for awhile, sorry.

We got our new puppy on February 7th and we have spent most of our time taking care of her. We love our little baby so much.

We have also had some illness floating around our house (cough, congestion, etc.). 

Now, back to Penny. We named her Penelope Joy but we call her Penny. She is such a sweet girl. She has the best personality. She loves our cats but they seem to hate her, although Purry seems to like her about half of the time so I am hoping a friendship can come out of these two.

We are dying to take her to visit my moms dog but her dog had Parvo last summer and we are concerned about Penny. She won't have all of her immunizations until mid-April, so we are waiting until then to introduce her to other dogs.

We have had to potty train her inside on puppy pads and it is making me crazy but Indiana has had LOTS of snow since January. The snow in our yard was taller than little Penny, so I didn't have anywhere to take her outside.

She has grown a little since we got her. On February 7th she weighed exactly 2 pounds. Three weeks later she was up to 2 pounds 4 ounces. She is still tiny but she can now fit into her extra small sized jacket and snowman jammies :)

Here are some pictures I have taken the last month:

Her first day at home!
She fits in Xanders sweatshirt pocket.

Hope you have a good Monday!!
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