Monday, March 24, 2014


Welcome to what I have named "splinter" in Indiana. The calendar says "spring" but the weather shouts "winter." I realize that then it should be called spinter or something but I like the added "l" because splinters are annoying and painful, just like the weather right now!!

It's supposed to warm up by next weekend so hopefully I will be able to say goodbye to splinter but in the meantime, snow is expected this week during my spring break.

We don't usually do much during spring break, our big trip is during fall break. It seems that prices are jacked up during spring break time and every place is busy so I avoid it and stay home.

We did spend our weekend in Columbus, Ohio. We love to attend Columbus Crew soccer matches and decided it was a great way to start off our spring break. We drove to Columbus on Saturday morning and went to the Easton Town Center so we could meet up with my mom, Eve, my cousin, and her daughter who went to the American Girl store. We shopped at a couple of stores then went to the hotel to check in.

After checking in and dinner, we headed to the match. It was their first home match of the season (First Kick) and the place was exciting. We had front row, corner seats, which ended up being awesome. There were some corner kicks and the players were so close to us!! I think the next time we go we will try to get the same seats. 

Someone lost a shoe on the roof of our hotel!!
We got up and left to come home early on Sunday morning. Something I forgot to mention is that hubby had pneumonia. He is slowly feeling better but he didn't feel like doing much. They also wanted to get home so they could watch the Kentucky game.

I had to board Penny for the weekend and am super bored without her. I can pick her up this morning and we are all ready to see her (except for the cats, I think).

Did anyone watch The Good Wife last night? WTH?

I think since this is my spring break, I am going to do a DIY week because I have a ton of little things to get done! Stay tuned for the first project!!
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