Friday, January 23, 2015


My husband and I are taking a no-kid vacation in October!!


It has been several years that we have been able to do something without children and we are super excited.

I wanted to go someplace that I have never been so we decided on New Orleans. After searching for plane tickets and discovering the astronomical pricing we have decided to drive.

Then my husband dropped the ultimate bomb, he wants to also go to WALT DISNEY WORLD!! That would mean going without kids, which at first made me feel guilty but then I realized that I will be able to go through EVERY SINGLE SHOP and not worry about getting to the next ride. It's like a dream come true.

We are going to try and live it up while there. First step is possibly renting DVC points from David's. My friends recommend it all the time but with 5 people (tickets, food, room, etc.) it isn't cost effective for us to stay DVC or even Deluxe for that matter. We are hoping for Boardwalk Villas but we will see how it goes, If not I may end up at Port Orleans French Quarter.

So, this brings me to recommendations. Do you have any hotel recommendations in New Orleans? Do you have any recommendations of things that we can do at Disney without kids?

Let the crazy planning begin...

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