Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Months until our Disney vacation!!

Two months and counting!! We are getting so excited. The kids can't wait to find out what hotel they are staying at. All of the other times we have been I let them see pictures so they could see where they are staying but this time it is a secret. I have told them three hotel names and said one of them was where we were staying. I told them Pop Century, All Star Music, and All Star Sports. They both said they wanted to stay at the All Star Sports and they will be surprised to see it when we pull up because that is where we are staying. Both of my kids like sports and so does my niece Catelyn so I thought this would be a good choice. Xander has asked several times if we could stay at the "sports hotel" and I have always said no because they have to share a bus with the other All Star hotels. I did some reading though and Sports is the first stop so hopefully it won't be that bad, along with the fact that we are going in October which isn't known for being very busy.

Now, on to the 2 month Disney Countdown gift. This month is something cheap for the kids to take with them, its Pixie Stix. This cost me a whopping $2 for 2 bags at the Dollar Tree, I then split the 2 bags between the 3 children.

The front of the tag says: "Here's a little pixie dust for your vacation." I got the Tinkerbell graphic from here:
I just saved it to my computer and edited it in Picasa, where I added the words with the Curlz font.

The back of the tag says: "All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust." I got this entire graphic here:

There were several choices on Google images for Tinkerbell graphics and the pixie dust quote but I liked these the best.

Since I reuse the same bags, the Mickey paint chips are free from Home Depot, and I already had the spool of yellow curling ribbon (which I use every month) this months gift cost me: $2! This gave them a gift and some candy either for the plane or for when we are in Florida. 

Now that we only have 2 months left I need to get busy booking a rental car and buying groceries from . I highly recommend having some groceries delivered from this company to your Disney resort. For a small delivery fee you can have groceries delivered to you. We usually get some Pop Tarts, snack foods, and a case of bottled water. 

We only have 1 more monthly gift (Sept 23) left to get then starting October 1, I will be giving gifts every day until we leave on October 23. Since October 23 is a travel day their gift that day is to finally find out what hotel we are staying at. I think I am going to make them wait until we are on the Magical Express :)

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  1. I'm doing a 7 day countdown with a small gift each day before we leave, I've seen this idea previously and I love it! Such a cute easy way to get the kids excited. I love that you waited to surprise the kids with what hotel they'd be staying at! We ordered our groceries from Garden Grocer as well. We actually booked a rental car with our flights and it ended up being a TON cheaper!