Tuesday, August 7, 2012

3 Months until our Disney vacation!!

I can't believe we have 3 months until our vacation. This post is being done late because of a very busy summer. We are trying to get the 3 of us ready to go back to school. Unfortunately, we only have 1 week left.

For this months Disney countdown gift I went with travel pillows. I have always seen people with them at the airport and I am not sure why I haven't purchased these before. It might be because I remember back in the day when the airline had pillows and blankets for you to use. Now I usually just roll up my sweatshirt and use it. I was going to have my mom make them, there are several templates online, but I found some on the dollar rack at Target in the $2.50 bins. This was like an awesome bonus, I couldn't buy fabric and filler to make these for that cheap. They do seem to be a little flimsy but that's okay with us. So, for this gift I spent a whopping $12.50!!! You can't beat that. The kids were excited and even took them on their Michigan vacation as well.

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  1. I was thinking about buying these for our flight when I seen them at Target. We only have a 2 hour flight though so I figured they would be kinda pointless, I might pick some up anyway though:) I'm in the process of putting bags together as we speak. We are doing a 4 week countdown! We leave in 27 days!!