Friday, October 5, 2012

18 days...the suitcases are out

The suitcases are out and more than half packed. With only 18 days left to go and Indiana seeing cooler weather, we are able to get our shorts and tank tops packed. 

Todays gift is a small notepad/journal. These are small enough to fit in your hand. My kids like to draw and write notes so I thought these were perfect. We have taken larger notepads in the past but they are heavier. With these they can use them on the plane and they can also take them in the parks without worrying about a heavy backpack. 

The Angry Birds notebooks are sold as a 2 pack for $1 on the Walmart dollar rack, I bought 2 of the packs.  Mammie's paper is cuter with polka-dots and it came from Target for $1 on the dollar rack. So, the total for this gift is $3. 

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