Monday, October 1, 2012

22 Days....Glow Stix

Today starts the daily gifts for our Disney vacation. These last 23 gift are stuff that I would usually buy for a trip, it is just broken down into different days (ex. coloring books, glow stix, candy, etc.). Please keep in mind that the ages of my children for these gifts are 12 and 9 years old (they have been 4 times), as well as my 12 year old niece. Any gifts given are age appropriate and appropriate for children that have already been but I have some other suggestions to help you plan your own.

  1. Princess dress....that can be purchased cheaply at Walmart or Target. This will help with little girls wanting the $80 dresses you can buy all over Disney.
  2. Tiara....(see description for #1)
  3. Autograph children have been several times and we have several autograph books. These can be purchased at , eBay, or homemade. 
  4. Big, Fat Marker for autograph book. Characters with big hands or gloves prefer the fat Sharpies. 
  5. Disposable camera....we have a photo album with just pictures from a childs point of view. They see things so much differently than we do and it is a great keepsake.
  6. Misting/personal fan....these can be purchased at WDW but you can get them locally at Walmart or even the Dollar Store and save some money. My kids decorated theirs with Mickey stickers.
  7. Disney jammies...Disney store, Walmart, Target, etc.
  8. Pirate gear....hats, eye patch, etc. I have found this stuff at Dollar Tree.
  9. Custom t-shirts...eBay, Disney Store, homemade. 
  10. Mickey stuffed animal...Walmart and Target have these for MUCH cheaper than WDW.

Now, on to my gift for day 22!!! I bought the kids glow stix. I cannot stress enough that you should buy these BEFORE you go on your vacation. You can get them cheaply on line or at local stores (especially during halloween) and save buckets of cash compared to Walt Disney's prices. One year I took them and surprised the kids on the first night at WDW, just when the CM's were wheeling those glow carts out with all of the junk on it. I had a tube of 100 that my kids could use (I bought from Glow Granny on eBay), it was much cheaper and the kids had enough to last our entire 10 day vacation.

This years, though, were purchased at Target on the dollar rack for $1 per tube. I bought 6 tubes (2 for each child) and that means I spent $6 total on this gift. Each tube has 15 bracelets and connectors in it.

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