Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coupons for Disney..Mickey ice cream bar

9 days left :) Today's gift is a coupon for a free Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. We love those ice cream bars and in the years past when my kids have asked for them I always answered with "you can have one if you use your snack credits" but not this year. I made these cute little coupons with my Picasa software. I downloaded the Disney/Mickey name tag here and used the Waltograph software on my computer to type the message. I then printed them on cardstock to make them durable. They turned out really cute. The plan with these is to have the child fork it over when they want their ice cream bar. Although, if they forget their coupon I won't say no.

The cost of today's gift is $0, at least until I get to WDW. 

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  1. Great printable. I will be using these on my trip in October. X