Monday, October 15, 2012

Coupons for Disney..Mini-golf and a planning folder

With only 8 days left, we are FINALLY in the home stretch and getting everything finalized.

I have finally booked our Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets and I decided to just do Will Call pick up since our travel dates are so near. They now have a print at home option for specialty tickets but I prefer the hard plastic tickets to carry around and not pieces of paper. My kids like to keep them and hang them in their rooms as souvenirs when we get home. 

I have all of my travel documents and placed in my cute Minnie Mouse folder. This is the first year I have taken a folder. In years past I have put everything in a file folder to carry it but what is the fun in that? So, this year I found this cute Minnie folder at the Family Dollar for $.50. 

I added the labels to the front to include: the last names of everyone in our party (covered up, sorry), Disney Vacation 2012, the dates of our vacation, All-Star Sports Resort, and then mine and my mothers cell phone numbers (also covered). The Mickey head is saved on my computer and has been used several times, for several different things for this vacation and the countdown. I used software I already had on the computer to make the labels.

This is the inside of the folder. I have one of our cute luggage tags to attach to a bag still in there. On one side is our Disney travel documents and behind that is our MNSSHP confirmations. On the other side is all of our flight info, Garden Grocer info, and our car rental info. 

Our gift for today is another coupon. This is a coupon for Miniature golf at WDW. Xander asks every time if we can go mini-golfing but we never seem to have the time but this time we are going for sure. With Disney's travel documents you automatically get 1 round of mini-golf free for 1 person. Because we have 2 rooms, we get 2 coupons. This just leaves me 1 person to pay for and since Eve is the only child by Disney's standards, I will pay for her. The adults will not be playing, just taking pictures. 

I am reusing envelopes that I have made previously, I just change the number on the front. I LOVE that we are out of double digits :) The coupon is made the same as the one I explained about yesterday here

Total cost of today's gift is $0 today but I am guessing it will cost around $15 once I am at WDW. 

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