Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Disney coupons...arcade

We all love those packets that Disney sends us after our reservations are paid for. Some of the coupons are helpful and some I have never used. The one coupon that I have used every time is the arcade coupon. It is for a 100 point arcade card. I usually use the coupon to get 1 free card and then buy my other child a 100 point card. Any more points that they want over and above 100, they have to purchase themselves. We are usually busy at the Walt Disney World Resort every day, whether it be park hopping or resort hopping for dining reservations, but we usually have a few minutes to spare here and there for a couple of video games. One hundred points is not a lot but it is just enough to help when the kids beg to play arcade games. I have tried asking "how can you want to play games when you are at Disney World?" but it didn't work, they look at me like I've just grown 2 heads. I guess I ask stupid questions. 

Last year we went resort hopping on the monorail loop. We decided to get off at the Contemporary Resort so they kids could be on the inside when the monorail goes through. We noticed the arcade and the kids wanted to check it out. While checking it out Eve sat down at a game and found a game card. She took it to the arcade attendant and he told her that she could keep it for being honest by trying to turn it in. When we checked the balance, there were actually some points on it. BONUS!! They took turns playing games on it at Contemporary until we were ready to leave. 

We usually keep the cards in our wallets just in case they find an arcade to play at and they have points remaining. I am extremely thankful that my kids are old enough that they can play in there alone and I can rest on the "parent bench," usually right outside of the arcade entrance. 

My gift for today is a coupon for the arcade. Because Disney sends us their WONDERFUL coupon books, I will only have to pay for 1 arcade card :), this makes mamma VERY happy.  I figure if they are going to play in there anyway, I might as well make it one of my gifts, Mamma is always thinking ahead.

The coupons I have made before here and I keep reusing the envelopes that I explained how to make here

Total cost of todays gift is $0 until I get to my resort. 

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