Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take Ponchos to Disney

Yes, Walt Disney World sells ponchos. Yes, they are cute with Mickey Mouse on them. Yes, you can reuse them. Yes, they are expensive. AND yes, EVERYONE will have the EXACT same poncho on when it rains.....except me and my group. We will have ponchos that we bought at Dollar Tree before we left for $1. One dollar gets you 2 ponchos, one clear and one yellow. The ones I bought are thinner than Disney's and might not be reusable but I am definitely OK with that.

These are similar to the Disney ones:
This one pictured is from amazon.com and is like the Disney ones. (I Googled "Disney World Poncho" and got tons of pictures but I didn't want to post someone elses pictures on my blog just to show you what they look like.)They are nice and heavy duty but can sell out quickly in a nice rain storm and once you wear them, it is hard to tell who is in your family. Picture this: you and your family decide to all wear your matching tie-dyed shirts so you will be able to find one another quickly, add some rain, these ponchos, and EVERYONE is now in your family. HAHA

This is what I bought:
Pretty standard Dollar Tree item. We purchase these like crazy and take them everywhere for trips. In July, we went to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN (highly recommend) and it POURED rain, like I was SOAKED through, it looked like I jumped in a pool and then decided to go to a theme park, we had 2 of these ponchos left. Mammie got one and so did Eve. Xander and I suffered. So, for this trip everyone gets a 2 pack. This will be so much easier than someone suffering (mainly, ME). 

Total for this gift is $5. 

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  1. I agree with taking ponchos! We did and they were a lifesaver. The ones from the dollar store ended up ripping after we wore them twice though, however I'd still buy them over purchasing one for $8.95 each at Disney which is what they were at the parks!