Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All I want for Christmas is...

I asked my kids (ages 12 and 9) what they wanted for Christmas and, of course, I didn't like the answers.

Xander said he only wants Beats by Dre headphones and some Amazon Music Store gift cards. He wanted the Beats last year, but at 11 I thought he was too young. I made a deal with him last year, I said that if I got him some cheap Skull Candy's and he didn't lose or break them for a year then I would buy him Beats. He succeeded so now I am stuck. I did talk him down from the $299 pair to the $199 pair after SEVERAL sound comparisons at the local Best Buy. He said he doesn't care if that is his only present to unwrap. Bonus for me!!

Eve's list is a little more crazy. She said:

  1. Netbook
  2. Trampoline
  3. Swing set
  4.  Magic 8 ball
OK, so let's start with the trampoline. I HATE trampolines, I even call them arm breaking machines. I work in a school and I see so many kids with broken arms from trampolines that it is hard to even keep track. Eve knows this but still thinks I will buy her one. I told her that I will not be purchasing one and that if she wants to play on one she has several friends that have them. Next up is a swing set. She is almost 10 years old and wants a swing set. I see this as a play thing for 1 year and then she would be done with it. I told her no and that she could go to the park and play there. This leaves me a netbook and a Magic 8 ball. She doesn't care that these will be her only 2 gifts. Another bonus for me!!

I do usually buy a book for each and some clothes. I guess my days of buying a bunch of toys are over, which makes me sad but also makes me happy. 

Oh, the joys of parenthood.


  1. oh my goodness on the headphones. That's crazy! But I guess if he really wants them.. my son is 9 and his list his nuts! a new stereo and Ipod are on it. My son has had a trampoline since he was four. We have the net and the kids LOVE it.. no broken bones yet :)

  2. My daughter wants a new iPod for her birthday...which is January 5th...right after I spend a ton at Christmas...but I went halvsies with the in-laws last time so I think I will do the same this time. As for the stereo for your son, maybe a nice iPod dock will be good enough and save you some $$. I got my daughter a nice one at Meijer and it has an alarm clock with speakers on it to play her iPod through.

  3. Laurie: I just saw this iPod dock while I was searching Walmarts pre-black friday sales online: