Wednesday, November 21, 2012

*Book Review Wednesday*

I have decided to make Wednesday's a book review day. I love reading. I constantly have a book that I am in the middle of reading. I try to read the books that are popular at the time, whether they are adult or young adult. I have been through the Grey series, Harry Potter, Sookie Stackhouse, etc. I have read 208 books out of 218 that are in Nora Roberts/JD Robb's collection, I have a goal to read all of them and I am thisclose :) On a side note: I can't find the book Promise Me Tomorrow by Nora Roberts. I guess it is out of print and from what I read, it is so bad that she refuses to have it re-released like she does all of her other books. The local libraries don't have it, B&N doesn't have it, and my next/final thing to try is used book stores, which my neighboring "big city" has only 1 of. If you see it for less than the $100 I saw it for on B&N, please let me know. 

To rate books, I will give them 1-5 stars. A 5 star would be near perfect and I can only think of Harry Potter getting this rating off the top of my head. So, please don't be shocked by a 3 or 4 star, they are still good books. 

This weeks book review will be on Frozen Heat by Richard Castle.

Book Rating: 

I am a big fan of the Castle TV show and started reading this series back in the spring when I was in need of something new to read. All of the books in this series have been very entertaining (which is what I think books should be). While reading you spend time picturing Castle and Beckett in the characters of Rook and Heat. It helps "flesh out" the characters. If you are a fan of the show, this series is a must read. If you don't watch the show and want an entertaining book series to read then this is one that I recommend. If friends are in a dry spell with reading and ask my opinion as to what to read, this is the first series I recommend.  You can read more about these books and more written by Richard Castle on his website at

This book takes Nikki back into her past and has to relive her mothers death all over again. Nikki and Rook chase down her mother's past to help find the killer of someone from today and possibly Nikki's mothers killer. The characters of Nikki and Jameson continue to grow as a couple which is always good to read. This book was suspenseful all of the way through. There is so much information in this book. We learn so many shocking things. When I got to the end, I swore my book was missing pages because I did not want it to end. Warning: there is not an ending in this book, it is left open for another book. The last book ended this way, as well. If this is something that is going to upset you, then don't read it. I will not add any spoilers but just know that I am on the edge of my seat to read the next one, whenever it comes out.

The other books in this series are as follows:
Heat Wave

Naked Heat

Heat Rises

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