Thursday, December 13, 2012

A few of my favorite (winter) things

I hate winter!!

It's too cold, you have to wear a coat, there is usually snow to slow me down....I could go on and on. What's not to hate?

The problem is that I live in Indiana, where winter exists from the beginning of December until some time in March. Thank God I don't live any further North!

Since winter is a part of my life, I might as well find something to like about it.

These are a few of my favorite winter things:

 This stuff is heaven in a cup. It is extremely sweet and has just enough coffee to keep me going. I also like the sugar free double mocha.

 Oh, EdenPure, where have you been my whole life? Who else is going to make my bedroom feel like Florida in July? Thank you, EdenPure for making my winter life a little more acceptable!!

 I'm pretty sure Ugg's aren't cool anymore, considering I bought my first pair about 8 years ago. Sadly, that pair died last winter :( R.I.P. lavender classic shorts, you will be missed!! Luckily, I have these 2 fantastic pair to help with the hole in my heart. Cool or not, they keep my piggies nice and toasty!!

Last up is my fleecy, warm jammie pants. Whoever invented these needs a medal, a Nobel prize, or at the very least a big, shiny gold star.  I have a few pair and if I wasn't the person that made fun of parents dropping their kids off at school in jammie pants, then I would probably wear these everywhere. At about 5:30 every evening I say, dramatically, "Does any one hear that?" The response usually is "yes, we know, your jammies are calling." 

Summer break is only days 167 days away!!
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