Wednesday, December 12, 2012

*Book Review Wednesday*

It's time for book review Wednesday.

I love books!! I just finished the 10th book of the Vampire Diaries series and just started The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling (I'm having a hard time getting into it). I have discovered, online, a Vampire Diaries series of books called Stefan's diaries, I guess I will be reading those very soon. 

Because of starting a new book, I do not have a newly released book to review. Instead, I will review a trilogy that I have read several times. No, it's not THAT trilogy, everyone has already written reviews on it.

I will be reviewing the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts.

This trilogy consists of 3 novels. You cannot read one without the others. 

This is another vampire series (no, I am not obsessed) but it is nicely written. Only a few of the characters are vampires, there are also sorcerers, witches, queens, and demon hunters. 

It is consistent with Ms. Roberts writing with a lot of fluff, girl power, and the day must be saved from the bad guys mentality. It serves its purpose as a good, entertaining series.  


There are 6 main characters from different time frames, all trying to save the day from the bad vampires. Ms. Roberts has some interesting ideas about vampires but follows a lot of the vampire lore. There is a lot of romance mixed in but it is very suspenseful. There are some great characters in this series, my favorite is Cian!!

Please do not expect literature with these novels. They are meant to be entertainment and that is exactly what they are. 

Because of my love for this series, I give it a:

Thanks, Nora, for another great read!!

I found this series at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, at my local library, and the local libraries digital library.

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