Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve ramblings...

Well, Merry Christmas eve to all. The stockings are hung, trees decorated, and the presents purchased and wrapped. I am all ready. Today will be spent cleaning the house and then casual Christmas dinner at the hubs grandmas house. 

Cleaning today we are listening to the Christmas radio station on Pandora. The hubs likes "Bing Crosby Christmas" better but you don't get Elvis, Glee, or Mariah Carey so, I win!!

While listening this morning, Fur Elise came on, which is a beautiful song but all I can think of is this McDonalds commercial from my childhood:

This commercial is circa 1986, which shows my age but I don't care. I still sing the song in my head when I hear Fur Elise. Its funny because I can never remember where I put my sunglasses, keys, watch, etc. but I can remember the words to a song from 26 years ago. Age is a funny thing.

Yesterday I decided to make some "crack" dip. I love this crap. It's funny because I don't like sour cream or ranch dressing but I can eat the heck out of this dip. It must be the bacon, you can't go wrong when you add bacon. I make this for myself, no one in my house likes it, and I could eat the whole bowl in one sitting but I must practice self-control and not do so!! I got the recipe here

yummy "crack"

I am still getting over a cold/sinus infection that started on Friday. I am in the stage now where it feels like my head is completely full, my ear is also a little crackily (yes, its a word in my world). So, I am surviving on medicine from Meijer. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel somewhat "normal." 

I will sign off and leave you with this yummy goodness to look at. When I think of Christmas music he is all I can think about:

p.s. he is mine, paws off!!

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