Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa Baby

So, I've learned some new blog stuff today.

As you can see at the bottom of my post, I have FINALLY learned how to do a signature. It was quite simple but I just never took the time to figure it out.

I made a new header and I am unhappy with it but it will have to stay that way until I can figure out what I want. 

Today is all about ME!! This is my Christmas list:

1. My very own laptop/netbook. I don't want to share my husband's laptop or use the centuries old desktop anymore. I would be satisfied with this cheap little number at Walmart.

2.  These Toms, need I say more? Size 9.5, I think.

3.  Lowe's giftcards. I have 2 pieces of furniture that need redone and this would certainly help.

4.  Miscellaneous clothing store giftcards, because all girls need new clothes!!

Now, on to my current problem: I think I am in need of a new handbag. I LOVE handbags but can never afford what I want. This is my dream:
and this is my budget:

laughing will not be tolerated ;)

I think I will look at a local discount store to find something festive for the holidays, maybe with glitter and sequins, until I bust out my favorite winter bag:

Kate Spade Stevie. It's like a hot pink puffer coat for all of your stuff!!
I will let you know what kind of bag I find!!

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  1. I think the new header is cute and I also love the signature! There are plenty of things I want for Christmas 99% of them come straight from Pier 1:)