Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear Friday,

Dear Friday,

Thanks for coming, I have missed you!

Dear Cadbury,

Thanks for making these fabulous treats. I must admit, though, that I wish they tasted like liver and onions so I wouldn't eat so many.

Dear Target,

Thanks for the po' mans rack at the front of the store. I found this awesome blue, glittery bunny for $3!!

Dear Samsung,

Thanks for manufacturing awesomeness. We currently own 2 smartphones, 2 TV's, and 1 computer of yours.  Please keep up the good work.

 Dear State of Indiana,

Thanks for requiring my students to take a reading test right in the middle of flu season, allow us no make up dates, and then tell them that if they don't pass it that they might be retained. Nothing like pressure and stress mixed up with illness. Success!!

Dear cable and wi-fi,

I have missed you so much. No cable since September and no wi-fi (except for cell phone hotspot) for several years means that with it's installation today, I will be up all night watching TV and playing on the internet. I'm like a puppy in a squeaky toy factory, I don't know where to look next!! Thank goodness the computer has a 6 hour battery. 

Last but not least:

Dear slumber party,

Thanks for entertaining my baby girl tonight AND next Friday :)

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  1. Glittery bunny! I'm kind of jealous now, I don't have a glittery bunny :(

    1. Target dollar rack. Go get one! They had other colors, too.