Thursday, March 14, 2013

Please help, I'm confused...

I'm a little confused about the goings on in the blogger world.

I have read through Google's website that they are stopping Google Reader in June. No where have I seen that they are closing up GFC.

Why is everyone blogging all this stuff about GFC closing?

Everyone seems to be starting a bloglovin. I have searched for a possibility of GFC closing down and it isn't mentioned anywhere. Where did people find their source?

Thanks for helping clear this up :)

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  1. GFC is essentially run through Google Reader. On the right of your dashboard, above your blogroll, it should say "view in Google Reader" or something like that. Our blogrolls (and GFC) are simply an extension of Reader. Think of GFC as a shortcut to Reader. If you go to Bloglovin's site, it should have a message about Reader and give you the option of transferring all the blogs you are following over. I am by no means an expert, and all this is VERY confusing, but I hope it helps. A lot of bloggers have posted how-tos, but information is scarce, as GFC was not specifically brought up by Google in their announcement. This may help: