Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gift Ideas for Older Kids

I am going to share my kids Easter gifts to help you with ideas as to what to buy for older kids. Neither of my kids believe in the Easter Bunny anymore :(. These don't have to necessarily be Easter gifts, I think some of them would definitely work for birthdays, Christmas stockings, and end of school year gifts.

Up first is my 13 year old son. He is WAY beyond toys and such so this is what was included in his Easter basket:

Slim Jim's (boys LOVE this crap)
Lindor truffles (all kids love candy)
Reece's eggs (see above)
Gum (see above)
Chocolate bunny (more candy)

Game Stop gift card (boys love video games!!!!)
water gun (you get to squirt your sister)
colored pencils (drawing is fun)
Lego's (his were Doctor Who)

I showed here how I made the bunnies but they included:
Nike flip flops
swim suit
swim mask

Now for Eve's basket, she is 10 and is on the line between toys and not toys.

Cat in the Hat stuffed toy (Kohl's)
Chocolate bunny (more candy)
Now N Laters (see above)
Tootsie Rolls (candy)
Reece's eggs (candy)
Lindor Truffles (candy)
Sidewalk chalk and a holder 
Her toy was a Dalek from Doctor Who that protects your computer. She loves Doctor Who and the Dalek's. We bought ours at Books A Million.
Again, I made the bunnies here, but it included:
Flip flops
Swim suit
Swim mask

Hope this helps you with some ideas on how to buy stuff for kids. Basically, they love candy!!

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  1. The game stop gift card is a good idea. I put an xbox live card and and Itunes one in Nicks basket, he also got a movie and a new book. I'm all about alternatives to candy. Not because I'm an anti candy Mom but honestly Nick never eats it and it's just a waste.

    1. I agree about the candy. When I went to put the Easter candy away, we still had Valentines and Christmas candy :( it feels like such a waste of money.