Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Spring Break Y'all

Today at 3:15 officially started my spring break and I am super excited!! Mother nature is not sure if she is going to let spring appear yet or not in Indiana.  Today, on my way to work, my thermometer said it was 18 outside, not very springy!! And this is what we have to look forward to on Sunday:

Yep, that's SNOW!!!

So, my spring break is going to start like this:

 And I read online that this was supposed to be a higher temp than normal spring for the Midwest.  If that's the case, then April and May will have to have daily temps of 95. 

We are not those people that plan a Florida trip on spring break (that's what fall break is for). We usually just keep it a low key staycation. 

I did make a to-do list for the upcoming week. Hopefully I can achieve everything on my list.

1. Go to Ikea (approx 2.5 hours away) and purchase:
this bed for Eve:
Which I will then spend a whole day putting it together!

and this vase (for bathroom redo):

I am hoping that's yellow!!

2.  Plan Xander's 13th birthday party.

3.  Have a sleepover on Xander's birthday.

4.  Repaint a cabinet that I have.

5.  Repaint the kids bathroom in yellow, gray, black theme.
Here are some of my ideas from Pinterest:

6. Take kids to Skyzone with the cousins!!
I HATE trampolines (I call them arm breaking machines) so let's hope I don't have a heart attack while worrying about my kids.

7.  Finish the projects in my Pinterest challenge.

8. Blog all of the good crafts, redos, recipes, etc. from the week. 

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