Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Week #2

For this weeks Pinterest challenge I made a paint chip calendar.

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

This was my inspiration:

I was making this for my kitchen, which is painted bright red, so I didn't think ombre would work. Also, there is no "sparkle" and what good is making something if there is no sparkle? This frame looks like a standard poster frame and I wanted something prettier and smaller than poster size. 

I bought an 11x14 picture frame at Walmart for $5, got my paint chips at Lowes, and 2 large sheets of glittery scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby for $2. I already had tape, glue, scissors, and a dry erase marker.

I went with gray, light cream, and bright red paint chips.

I started by taking everything out of the frame. I used the matting that was included with it as a guide. I measured the paper and cut along the lines I drew. I had to overlap the paper because it was only 12x12 but I placed my chips over the seam and you can't see it.

I then taped my paper to the matting.

After taping my paper to the matting I had to play a guessing game as to how I wanted the chip colors layed out and what size they should be. I decided on 2 rows of gray, 2 rows of red then 2 rows of my light cream. Because my frame was only 11x14 and I wanted some of the pretty paper to show through, I had to cut my chips pretty small. They will still be usable as a calendar. After cutting all 42 chips to the same size and laying them out I had to glue them all on. This took FOREVER. I used regular Elmer's glue. I then put the matting with the paper and paint chips attached back in the frame. 

Here is my final product:

I think it turned out great!! I think it looks much nicer than a plain frame and the colors look good next to my red kitchen walls. 

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  1. I really like this idea. I have a dry erase board from the $1 spot at Target. I think this would look even better!!!
    Sarah @