Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Friday,

Dear co-worker,
I can almost hear you secretly judging me because of my tattoos so let me clear up a few things for you. I am a good parent, I am married (and only have been once), I have never been arrested, I do not do drugs, I am a good employee, and I am not on welfare (nor do I receive any government assistance). Please stop with the stink eye already!

Dear Mother Nature,
Spring would be great!! Please allow it to stop by permanently. I am tired of 66 degrees then 35 degrees.

Dear Justice,
Thank you for your service but my daughter has grown up and no longer wants to wear your clothes. Sorry, I am thankful, but I just think your clothes are expensive and not of the best quality. If you want to charge me a lot please make better quality childrens clothing (see Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Hanna Andersson).

Dear co-worker #2,
Thanks for the laughs. I mentioned you here (bell choir) and now you have topped yourself. You admitted that when you were a freshman in college you took an art class. You flipped through the pages of your textbook and saw the Statue of David. You said that it scared you and that you censored it with a Post-it!! I could understand if you were in jr. high but you WERE AN ADULT!! If you decide share this level of info again please make sure that someone else is there to hear it so I can laugh with them later. Thanks for considering my feelings in the future!

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  1. OMG on the Justice comment, seriously. My niece is obsessed with that place and I personally think it's way over priced. You can get basically the same thing with the same quality at Target and it's cheaper! They just have a good advertising campaign lol

    1. Totally agree with the advertising compaign!!