Thursday, April 11, 2013

How do you spend your birthday?

How do you spend your birthday?

I spent my birthday on Tuesday doing fun adult-like things like:

1. I remember being a teenager and requesting my birthday off!

2.  Cleaning out part of Eve's closet. I am preparing for a rummage and had to thin her closet. I filled a huge box and only cleared out 3 feet of closet space :( only about 7 more feet to go.

Before: look at all those clothes!! 
Box full o' junk
After: and still a long way to go!!
3.  I cleaned out my wallet. I bought a new wallet at the Vera sale and decided to change wallets. How many store discount cards do we need, seriously?

Yes, those are all store discount cards!!

To brighten my day I got loads of cool gifts and $$!! I even got this card from my co-worker. I am VERY fortunate to work with someone that has the same views that I do on most everything, including talking about other people, haha!!

Front of card
I avoid the teachers lounge so I don't have to talk to those kinds of gals!!

The best part is that she handed me this card, told me to hurry and open it because she had something funny to tell me that someone said to her (translation: someone said/did something stupid). Clearly this card was designed for the 2 of us. I wouldn't put it past us to play cards on our lunch together when we are old.

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  1. I know what you mean about those store discount cards. Sometimes it's just not worth carrying them all around. You mentioned the Vera sale. Do you live in Ft. Wayne?

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. I live about 60 miles from Ft Wayne. We go to the sale every year. I highly recommend it :)