Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My plea to move to Alabama..

I watched Hart of Dixie last night and every time I watch it I remember that I want to move to Alabama.

I would love to move to a different state, if I could take ALL of my family with me.

I already live in a small town so I am pretty sure a town like BlueBell would be perfect for me.

So here is how I will butter up my hubby to move to Alabama.

1.  The weather is AWESOME. Average temperature in Alabama is about 70, which means no snow, which means no shoveling December-March.

2.  There is no "fall" which means no leaves to rake.

3.  The south has awesome food.

4.  There are tons of super hottie mechanics (like Wade) so the car would run like a dream.

5.  Our accent would make us exotic?

6. Wife would be less crabby if she could sit outside on a huge front porch, reading a book, and sipping lemonade (translation: frozen margarita) everyday. 

7. We could own a house like this:

8. Xander could play soccer year-round outside.

I'm pretty sure he will sign on for this. I will let ya know.

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  1. I've always wanted to move down south.. it's really not possible for us though because I could never leave my family. That house you posted? GORGEOUS and my DREAM house!

    1. My biggest dream is to live in a plantation house. So, this year we are staying at Port Orleans Riverside at WDW. I told my son that he had to take my pic on the steps at the plantation houses so I can pretend that I live there haha.

  2. I finally watched Hart of Dixie (I wanted to because they use the same town set as Gilmore Girls - I know, I'm pathetic)! The weather sounds wonderful, that house photo you posted is beautiful, and I would love to sound "exotic" with my Pacific Northwest accent. ;)

    Hope your dreams can come true! :)