Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I made this

Lame post alert:

I made this cool vase and love how it turned out. So, why not blog it?

I had an old white metal vase that I didn't want to use in my bathroom anymore.  Why not paint it and use it in the dining room? So, that's what I did.

Step 1: Forget to take a pic of the "before" of the vase cuz you are a craptastic blogger.

Step 2: Shame hubby into painting vase for you.

Step 3: Put some Styrofoam inside to hold the flowers.

Step 4:  Take random pic of the flowers.

Cute flowers 50% off at Hobby Lobby.
Step 5:  Cut flowers to length you want (measure twice, cut once).

Step 6:  Arrange in vase.

Step 7: Take some "after" pics.

Still working on the display. I painted the lamp the same color a few months ago.

Random student quote (age 9):  My mom is sending me to private school next year because she doesn't want me to use iPad's. She wants me to use paper for everything. (I call this "stellar parenting," why would you NOT want your kid to be exposed to technology?)
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