Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weekend update

Another weekend update.

Saturday brought Eve's first softball game. She has been so excited. She last played softball when she was 6 years old. That year was so bad with her crying before every game and asking to quit but this year she is happy to go to practice and games. I love her enthusiasm  As you can probably guess she doesn't have a natural baseball talent, she hasn't played in 4 years, but she is working hard at everything she learns. I didn't take her to her first practice game and asked her when she returned what position she played. She told me "backup." My husband then informed me that she is in right field. If you know anything about baseball, you know what kids they put in right field but she doesn't know that. She thinks its important to be behind 1st base. At her age if I would have been told that I was going to play right field, I probably would have thrown a fit. The difference being that I had played for 6 years at that point. Whether it is right or wrong, I am not going to tell her any different. I don't want to crush her excitement. 

My Cinco de Mayo celebration was Saturday night when the hubs and I ate at a local Mexican restaurant. It is an awesome place where most everyone goes at least once a week. I get the same thing every time I go (chicken chimichanga) and it is so good. We love that it is cheap, both of us ate for $18 (before tip). You can't beat awesome food, good service, and cheap prices!!

Sunday brought Xander's soccer game and household chores!! We then decided to have BBQ chicken on the grill, yummy!!

We have a busy week coming up. Some nights we have 2 sports. I am hoping that I have time to blog this week. 

This week (Tuesday) brings the release of the final Sookie Stackhouse novel. I will miss this series but I do have them all on my Nook so I can reread them whenever I want. This is my warning: there better be lots of Eric Northman in there and the series better not have a lame ending!! Book review will follow as soon as I am finished reading it.

Also, this week brings the release of new The Great Gatsby movie. I reread the book back in the fall when the movie was supposed to be released in December but the movie got pushed back. At the time I watched the Robert Redford version of the movie to fill the need. Since it is such a quick read, I might try to squeeze it in this week. The hubs better take me to see the movie on Saturday or he will be in trouble!! The trailers for the movie make it look awesome and I am a huge fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and Baz Luhrmann. 

I like this movie poster, it has the Dr. Eckleburg eyes!

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