Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Post Secret

A little something that you don't know about me is that I read Post Secret every Sunday. No matter where I am or what I am doing I take a few minutes to read other peoples secrets. If you haven't been to the site, I recommend it.

I'm sure the whole world knows about it but just in case you have lived under a rock, Post Secret is where you can mail a postcard with a secret on it. They then post new secrets every Sunday on the site. I think it helps some people to be free of their secret and some people are helped by reading other peoples secrets.

So, this Sunday was some Mother's Day secrets. Here are a couple that I liked.

This one must makes me sad. I am not going to say whether I support abortion or not but my problem here is that this poor woman thought her church family would disown her. If anyone ever asks why I don't go to church my reasoning is usually not with the religion itself, it is with the church. I have a problem giving money to a church. I have a problem feeling judged by my clothing and/or lifestyle. When Xander was young I decided to start going to church, and since my moms church is all people over the age of 80, I thought I would tour some churches and you would be amazed as to what I experienced. One church called me every day for 2 weeks after I visited there. Every time I talked to them they wanted to come to my house and have a chat, get to know each other. Sorry, not happening!! I didn't know them people. Another church said I wasn't invited because I had tattoos (the sign even said so outside). This one was shocking. I was a young, married mother with tattoos but I couldn't attend their church, I'm pretty sure God wants us to love everyone and he doesn't care what we look like as long as we are there to praise him. The last church I visited expected me to take Xander (then 18 months) to the nursery right from the very beginning. I couldn't do that to him, he was so young and didn't know any of the people there. So, we left. I know this is a huge soap box issue but I am sad for this woman. She shouldn't have had to make this choice. Her church family should be loving and not judgmental. 

This one makes me happy. Happy that this mother found love with her baby. Babies can bring joy if we just let them. 

So, check out Post Secret. Reading secrets is almost like reading someones diary, you get the deep, dark secrets that they don't tell anyone else. 
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