Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Soap Box Day

It's time for me to climb up on my soap box. I don't get up there very often but I feel today is a great day to discuss it.

As I have mentioned several times, I am a huge Disney fan and I can't stand it when people senselessly judge Disney.

This weekend (Saturday) marked the coronation of Disney's eleventh princess, Merida from Brave. I wish I could have been present for this ceremony. How exciting, although I have read that the press area pretty much blocked off everyone else (and kids) having a good view of the princesses.

I read this blog post and was upset. At first I thought Disney had completely changed Merida. This is the pic that she shows:

I can see what is being said that she is a little thinner, and looks a little different but it is still Merida. Here is a pic released from the ceremony:

Chest covered? Yep. Got her bow? Yep Crazy red hair? Yep

I'm pretty sure little girls are not going to notice anything different about Merida unless their parent points it out. Her breasts are not popping out of the top of her dress like a video game or comic book character. Remember the controversy with Jasmine? Her belly shows and she wears a bra top. People freaked out that it was going to make our little girls dress like her (slutty?). And guess what? It didn't!! I have been a Disney fan since the first time I went to Walt Disney World at age 5 and I am not a slut. I never dressed slutty. My parents had already taught me right from wrong, they did their job, they didn't expect me to learn things from others. I knew wearing those clothes was not something I would wear in everyday life. 

My fav princess is Ariel and, good god, she has clam shells covering her boobs. I never wore clam shells on my boobs!!

Here is some free advice people: WE are the parents, WE mold our children, WE influence our children.

Remind your child what Merida stood for and he/she won't find anything different. 

All this controversy makes me want to stand in line to meet Merida when we go to Disney in the fall just to support her (even though I loathe waiting in line to meet characters).

Thank you Disney for creating a strong character! I still believe.
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  1. People are crazy, really. I think it's the world who is sick and twisted. If you choose to see a cartoon character in a "sexy" way you have some serious issues. The Little Mermaid is my absolute favorite too, and although I did want a fin.. I never wanted to wear clam shells over my boobs. We are thinking about a last minute trip to Disney this September, Savanna will only be 4 months though so we'll see!

    1. You are a very brave momma to take a 4 month old to Disney but it would be great to be able to do some sort of yearly pic (either at park or on cruise) of baby with Mickey and/or Minnie. I hope the plans work out.

  2. AMEN! People saw one drawing of Merida this way and got all up in arms. Then people said "Disney pulled it" NO- I watched the Disney sites the entire time. They never released it EXCEPT on the invite to the coronation. That was it. People need to chill out. I have said all along we have a bigger influence on our children then the movies.