Monday, May 27, 2013

School field day ideas

We had field day on Friday and it was the best one we have ever had, I even have the sunburn to prove it.

The kids had so much fun, even with the chilly temps (at 9am it was 45F). The day did warm up, we made it up to about 63F. 

The stations we had were:
Sidewalk chalk
Bounce houses
Water station (water balloons, hoses)
Battleship (in the gym)

Due to the chilly temps we had to do a last minute change. We cancelled the water station and the kids used that time to play on the playground.

Each station was 40 minutes with lunch in classrooms half way through the day. The day went smoothly, even with 750+ students participating. 

My station was the sidewalk chalk and we decided to play some music on the ipad. We got the good speakers from the music teacher and the music was nice and loud, we could hear it all the way across the parking lot. We went to this website to find some school appropriate music. After looking at popular song titles I Googled the lyrics to double check for anything inappropriate for elementary aged kids. We think the kids loved the music more than the chalk. There were lots of times the kids were dancing more than drawing. Most of the teachers told us that we had the best station, which we knew we would because of the music. The kids liked the fact that we let them graffiti up the sides of the building!

As for my sunburn, my forehead, nose, and lips are peeling because I forgot to put on sunblock before I left for school. I'm sure it wouldn't have been effective any more by the time the sun came out after 12. 

This was far better than last year, when I was at the relay races station. The kids hated it, half of them wouldn't participate, and we hated it, thank goodness they listened to us and let us not include those races. Last year it was also very hot and sunny. I think it got up to 87F. 

I think next year I am going to suggest that we don't do the bubble station. I heard lots of complaints that the kids were too old for that station. Maybe we could make it a playground station. 

With all the madness, I had time to get a pic with Eve.

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